Understanding the Math Behind Casino Bonuses and Giveaways

The fact is that many people choose gambling, and the reasons for this are different. Some have a vision of making money fast, some have gotten into financial trouble or are exposed to difficult life circumstances, such as illness and poverty. In such moments of despair and hopelessness, shortcuts to money and problem solving can be a turn to gambling. For some, gambling is just a source of fun and spending time in a way that can bring in money. Individuals dream of tourism and adventures in exotic places… Since the birth of mankind, there have been games of chance.

Ever since the throwing of stones and pieces of bone in prehistory, through the development and improvement of this type of human activity, there is an interest in this topic. Cards, dice, sports betting, slot machines, roulette… are all forms of gambling, which have progressed with the development of civilization and the human race. There are more and more games and ways of gambling, they are more and more diverse, and modern online betting has millions of its fans.

A huge amount of money has been invested in the development, advertising and logistical support of all types of games of chance. Of course, the main goal is to attract as many interested participants as possible, who will be actors of all levels of betting for as long as possible. In line with this plan, companies dealing with aspects of gambling are developing many attractive ways, so that the number of players is constantly increasing.

Bonuses and giveways:

Bonuses and giveways are designed precisely to increase the number of clients and maintain the interest of those who are already present. There is no person who will not appreciate and feel good, when he gets some bonus, relief, benefit. In this way, respect and attention is directly shown to the client and he is indirectly inspired to bring someone new. There are several types of bonuses and they differ in their model of functioning.

1. Welcome bonuses


First on the list, of course, is a welcome bonus. Very attractive and promising, it offers high percentages of bonuses that are given on the primary deposit, therefore, a certain and enviable amount of money. Its role is to attract a new player and give him the most interesting offer, which he cannot refuse. They should also point out the competitive advantage and better conditions and benefits. Although it may sound tempting to sound a bonus of 200% or 500%, we still have to be careful, because it is possible that you cannot easily leave this arrangement later, because it will limit you to certain obligations. It is better to stick to lower bonuses until the real business of the house is tested in practice. Or you can take advantage of and invest welcome bonus on arbitrage betting which is a sure way to win money.

2. Deposit bonuses


The deposit bonus is the basic bonus. It means a certain percentage of the amount of money you have deposited. This means that your basic amount of money is significantly increased, in the beginning you also have a much larger amount, during gambling. Some bookmakers give 100% or even 200% on the basic deposit. However, you should be aware of the risks and not rush into an untested endeavor, until you see how you manage in that game and which, in the end, is definitely your win. Some bonus promises can be pompous and grandiose, and there may be a scam behind it. It is possible that your winnings are reduced and that you did not receive anything as a bonus.

3. Loyalty bonuses


This is the business policy of some casinos, which encourages old members and players to stay with them and play even more. The loyalty bonus is already described in its name. Loyal members, who have been present for a long time, are rewarded with some of the existing bonuses. These bonuses vary from casino to casino and can be I deposit bonuses, then combinations with types of games and other competitors, cash prizes…

4. Reload bonuses


The reload bonus is usually available to a clientele that is already seen and well known in a casino. It means the money that goes into your account, as a type of credit, during the game. Conditions vary, from casino to casino and are not very commonly used. There are usually certain days of the week when this practice is practiced and when it is possible to take advantage of this bonus. The rules are followed very strictly and the casino does not want to enter indefinitely if it is not for its own benefit. Therefore, the use of Reload bonuses is not unlimited and is allowed in very high doses, depending on the client.

5. No deposit bonuses


There are also houses that do not give beginners any bonuses or they are in the form of free spins, and sometimes it is the minimum amount of money. This line of business may not seem very attractive, but it frees you from the obligations of a particular casino, if you want to change it. You are freer to choose and you are not limited by any conditions, start. Such an initial approach is not bad at all. You are not obliged to do anything, and if you like and win, you can always get the status of a player who is no longer a beginner and who can be credited with bonuses in one of the existing ways.

6. Refer-a-friend bonuses


As in many other types of business, expanding the circle of users brings you many bonuses and benefits. If you are interested in a friend, acquaintance or family member to join a particular casino and become a member, you will receive various bonuses. These can be deposit bonuses, free spins, loans and prizes. It will definitely pay off for you.

In the online casino you will receive an account, where access is made, via e-mail, those that you have successfully attracted to a particular casino and where a definite number of new customers are determined, who are there, thanks to you.


All these tempting bonuses, giveways, benefits, money and excitement during the game, can really make a person’s life better. Getting out of the daily routine and everyday life pleases and refreshes everyone. However, self-control and rigorous insight into how far we have come in gambling are necessary. Addiction can ruin your finances, your family… So consider gambling as a game for fun, with some gain, not as a source of income and spending time on that kind of entertainment every day. If you are moderate, you will enjoy more and you will not be exposed to danger and go the wrong way, which you certainly would not want to go.

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