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Is India Set to Become a Global Tournament Hub?

Las Vegas was at the heart of the original poker boom, and thousands of players have flocked to Nevada city for the World Series of Poker every year since the game blew up. The number of entrants to the Main Event highlights this – since 2005 there have been more …

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Tips for Playing Your First Live Poker Tournament

Playing live poker is very different from online poker. Sure, begin online to test all the essential strategies from the comfort of your home and dive into the mechanics, they play some friendly poker at home with friends. Soon enough, you will like to test the waters in a real …

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Top 5 Poker Tournament Jackpots of All Time

A significant attraction of online and live poker, aside from the mental challenge and skill required, is the huge amounts of money that can be won in the big tournaments. The World Series of Poker in Las Vegas is the flagship live poker series of the year. Until a few …

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