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Reasons Why People Like Playing Online Slots So Much in 2024

Whilst the earliest forms of gambling can be traced back to 2300 B.C. when the Chinese invented a game of chance that used tiles, it would take hundreds of years until the first mechanical slot machine was made in 1895 and named the Liberty Bell.

From this point onward the next 99 years would see a wealth of manufacturers and developers pit their wits against each other, to design the most formidable and exciting slot machines that mankind had ever seen.

Such creations would lead to new super sized mega casinos appearing around the globe, in-particular Las Vegas that of course is world renowned for being the gambling capital of planet earth.

As the year 1994 hit, the gambling scene would take a new turn that would forever alter the way that players interacted with slot machines. This was the birth of the online casino and with the rapid advancements that were being made in technology, this new form of gambling would begin to sculpt its very own landscape in the worldwide gambling industry. 

What initially attracted players to trying online slots?

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Whilst many players would revel in the whole process of going to a land based establishment to try their favourite slots, there were others that found the whole experience somewhat inconvenient. If for example you lived within a close radius to your local casino or betting shop, then it wouldn’t be too much hassle for you to head out for a few hours, or to plan an evening with friends.

For those who were not in close quarters of the slots, it would take far more effort and planning before you it was possible to insert some coins and try out the latest games that had been developed.

The new concept of the online casino meant that players could now get full access to slot machines in the environment that they felt most comfortable in. This in most circumstances is the home and the more convenient it became to play slots, the more players would choose to pass their leisure time with this activity. 

What other plus points are there for playing online slots?

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Players soon found that as an incentive to join an online casino and play slots, they would be offered a welcome bonus and then regular loyalty bonuses for playing at the same brand. These promotions have proven to be very popular as customers can continually get far greater value for their money when playing slots online. If presented with the choice of whether to go into a land based premises, or instead double their bankroll and play online slots, players are now opting to go for the online option and get a longer entertainment experience at the casinos expense.

A far greater selection of games when playing online

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We’ve all been in that land based casino environment where there are banks upon banks of the same popular machines, so that as many customers can get access to their favourite slots without waiting. 

Choosing to play online has taken away all of that potential waiting time, but more importantly from a players perspective the amount of slots that are now available for them to play is immense.

Most online casinos will provide at least 20 slot providers and in the case of the bigger branded casinos this can be in excess of 50. When this filters down to slot choice, you can literally have over 1000 games to choose from when you want to play online slots. Make sure you check out, for some of the coolest games.

Equally impressive are the standard of game providers who are producing these slots for the casinos. Top international companies such as IGT, Blueprint, NetEnt and SG Gaming can be found online offering their very latest slots exclusively to the iGaming industry. 

This is a big draw for slot players who like to keep their finger on the pulse and play the newest slots upon their release. Gaining access to big jackpot games like ones available on, or the latest trending craze in the world of slotting from the comfort of your own home is a dream for any gambler, especially the slot player. 

Better chances of winning

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It’s a fact that online slots present players with a far superior chance of winning compared to their land based counterparts, but why?

This is down to something known as RTP, which is an abbreviation for Return to Player. This refers to the return to player percentage that can be expected when playing a slot.

Typically when playing slots in a land based casino, you can expect to see an approximate RTP of 88%. This basically means that for every €1 that is inserted into the machine it will give you back €0.88. These calculations are worked out over 1000s of spins, so this isn’t what is going to occur each time that you play, but during a sustained period of time the machine will pay back 88% of what has been inserted into it.

Online slots offer players a far higher RTP and in some instances this can reach up to 98%. When presented with these facts it’s considered as a no brainer for a player to switch from land based to online, particularly when it’s realised that a further 10% paying advantage can be in your favour instead of the casinos.


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In the technological world that we now live in there are advancements made each year on how we gamble and play online slots. This has led to a big decline in the amount of players that use a desktop when playing at an online casino. 

Filling this void is of the course the mobile phone, which has seen a vast increase in the amount of users now accessing casinos through them. This is an opportunity that has not been missed by the iGaming industry, with serious innovation being put into the handheld side of online gambling. 

This has produced some of the most thrilling online slots ever seen that are now available in the palm of a player’s hand anytime, anywhere. This is arguably one of the main reasons why players like to play online slots so much, mobile gaming offers convenience and as nearly everybody owns a mobile device of some description, it will likely see the popularity of online slots increase even more.

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