How to Play Poker With Bitcoins – 2024 Guide

In these modern days, getting some information right away is something we all expect, and we feel it is perfectly normal. The same expectations are also when it comes to anything online, whether that is about a social network, reading news, or browsing the net. As technology advance every day, there are so many new things coming up, and since 2009, humanity also has new currencies, the cryptocurrencies.

Since the Bitcoin went public in 2017, it was a game-changer for almost everything regarding money. From then till now, there are also plenty of new cryptos beside BTC, and it seems like it will not stop soon. With knowing all those facts, and with BTC getting more accepted among people while taking primate over the fiat currencies (because of so many reasons), it is perfectly natural to use them (cryptocurrency) not only for trading but also for every other online activity. That also includes online casinos and, to be precise, playing poker.

For that, some things might seem confusing, or maybe not everyone is familiar with how to play poker with bitcoins or is it safe, and in this text, you will find out what someone might need for playing poker with BTC, and also why it is so secure. For those who are still not sure about gambling online, and want to know everything about gambling sites, check Gamblerguy, and learn more.


Fast way of living also demands a quick way of doing every simple thing in our lives, and to get that for online poker experience, what you want is to use BTC.

The first thing everyone who is not that familiar with what cryptocurrency really is should do proper research on this topic. For those who don’t have time for that, the main goal of the BTC inventor was to decentralize the financial banking system by making it independent and online. All that was possible because of the blockchain, and today the users of cryptos are doing peer to peer transactions with no third party involved, and that represents a living version of cold, hard internet cash.

There is also no need to worry as every transaction is confidential and private information of every person (buyer and seller), along with the amount of the sale is encoded, safe, and secured. Another thing that makes this sort of currency possible and sustainable is the fact that there are only 21 million BTC produced, which ensures that people have to buy or sell them. Many people will also ask, why to use them for the online poker games, and to answer that, by doing so, you will not only exclude any third parties (banks or such) but also shield your private information from them and everyone else.


After that initial and required part done, the next thing before the start of the poker journey is to obtain some Bitcoin yourself. You can do that by exchanging fiat currency like EUR, USD, or CAD for Bitcoin on plenty of exchange and trading platforms like Bitstamp, Polonies, etc. They are exactly that, a market where everyone can purchase or sell cryptocurrency. When you complete this part, that crypto should also be stored somewhere, and that is where Bitcoin Wallet comes in. Everyone can get their digital wallet by themselves, but some trading platforms already have this feature set, which is excellent for smaller crypto amounts.

The next step is to transfer the funds in the wallet, and to do so, the only thing needed is to follow the guidelines and complete the process.


When everything is in place, you can start searching for the best site to play poker. It is quite simple since there are numerous poker rooms where Bitcoin is more than appreciated. And with the invention of cryptocurrency, online poker rooms became more popular since no banks were standing in their way regarding transactions. Avoiding banks also means that there are no fees for the third party, and all withdrawals are even faster.

After choosing the best poker room, what follows is the singing up part, which includes giving your real name, phone number, address, and email account. There is no need to get worried all those info is to avoid underage clients. Everything else works like any other site – you type the info and pick a password, then get a confirmation email. The only thing different is downloading the online casino software, which is almost always a must at some point in the registration process.

Everything runs smoothly, and after the registration, depositing money is the next thing. Here is where cryptocurrency has another advantage over any other because the easiest way to transfer money for online poker rooms is with BTC, and the process itself takes approximately 15 minutes for first-time users.


Before cryptos, withdrawing money was the one thing that was taking a little more time, and that was solely on the banks and them not wanting and liking to cash out IGaming companies checks. But the online companies had their way to speed up the process like making those checks for freelance services rendered, but it still wasn’t that quick. Everything changed when the Bitcoin came, and today, withdrawing money is as simplistic and fast as depositing. The process is almost the same, and the necessary thing is going to the Cashier page, and following guidelines. Another thing needed is the recipient’s digital wallet private key and typing the amount wanted for withdrawal. Everything else is on the blockchain as it receives the payment and itself recognizes the casino as the sender. After a few minutes, that amount of bitcoin will be in your virtual wallet, with hopefully a bit of profit.

Playing online poker with bitcoin requires some research and learning, but once you get to the basics of the whole process, everything else is as simple as it can get. Another bonus with cryptocurrency is that you can also quite easily explore different poker rooms, and have fun gaming in many online casinos, all that while easily keeping track of all of your accounts.

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