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How to Choose Your Favourite Online Casino – 2024 Guide

The pandemic has shown us that the internet is one of our most vital resources. Despite being quarantined in our homes, we are all still going to school, meeting people, and working. This has only been possible because of the advances in technology that have made the internet such a widely available tool. 

The lockdown has opened up to the world the potential that the internet has, both for work and for leisure. More and more websites and services have appeared online catering to those looking to blow off some steam. One of the most popular among them has been online casinos. 

The internet is filled with online casinos that cater to all kinds of players across the world. But how do you choose one over the other? What markers should you judge them by? If you’re a new player, the options can get very confusing. Let’s break them down one by one. 

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Country of Origin 

Since casinos require you to spend money at them, they are all regulated by different government bodies. As a resident of your country, you aren’t able to play at every single casino. Just like visa rules are unique to every country, so is the number of casinos you can play at. Your country is origin is also important for another reason – legality. Playing casino games is seen as gambling, and gambling is illegal in different parts of the world. 

Thus, your first step would be to visit the different casinos and check whether you can play at them at all. Since there are restrictions on the financial transactions taking place, make sure residents of your country are allowed to transact under the regulations your chosen casino subscribes to. You should also make sure gambling is legal in your country of origin, otherwise, you would be indulging in criminal activities. 


Most people spend a lot of time at online casinos. This means you’ll be looking at the website for a decent amount of time every week. You don’t want to grow accustomed to a casino you find ugly! Instead, find out which casinos subscribe to your aesthetic. Humans are very visual creatures, so the visual appeal of your chosen casinos is important. Playing at a casino is an exhilarating experience. Unless you want to feel like you’re playing just another video game, you need to focus on the casino’s aesthetic. 

Given the variety of online casinos, this isn’t a very difficult job. New players will likely be more attracted to modern-looking casinos catering to the younger generation. Older players might find comfort in old-school retro visuals. It is important you feel comfortable at the casinos of your choice as otherwise, it will detract from the experience. 

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One of the biggest allures of online casinos is the excellent promotions on offer. Most online casinos offer generous signup bonuses that give you cash to play with when you deposit money. Online casinos also offer free spins and lottery tickets to all players as bonuses to keep playing. 

These are something that offline casinos cannot provide. Another major factor is the online jackpots that players can enter in. Players can stand to win huge amounts of money by simply playing as they usually play. You can read more on where they have a detailed list of online casinos. 


One significant limitation of online casinos is that you cannot pay with cash. All the payments you make to or receive from the casino is through virtual payment methods. Since these casinos cater to the global population, they keep the payment methods most used by their players. This can get restrictive if a casino you like has a large segment of players from a certain country, leaving yours out. 

This has an unfortunate downside. Since payment portals are regulated by the laws of each country, not every online casino will have a payment method available to you. When you shortlist your casinos, check their payment methods. As a rule, you will most likely be able to use popular payment platforms like Visa or MasterCard. Some even accept bitcoins so that you can pay from anywhere in the world. 

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Rewards Programs 

Rewards programs are a way to get a little extra out of your playing. When you’re shopping, rewards programs give you extra discounts and promotions as loyalty bonuses. With a casino rewards program, you can earn bonuses, extra spins for your favorite games, and even get the same amount of money you deposited back in your account. Matching your deposits means that if you put $10 into your casino account, you’ll be able to play for $20. You can have double the fun for double the rewards! 

There are also rewards programs that span over several different casinos. This means when you play at one, you can use your bonuses in a different casino. If you choose casinos that fall under the umbrella of these rewards programs, you’ll be able to maximize the money you put into this distraction. There are also loyalty bonuses for sticking with casinos under a certain rewards program. Find out the rules and regulations of these programs if you want to utilize them to their maximum potential. 

Where You Can Play 

When you’re looking for a distraction, it isn’t always when you’ve logged out for the day. You might be looking for some quick fun between meetings or a 15-minute break in the middle of your day. It isn’t always possible to go to a laptop or desktop just so you can destress for a while. This is why you need to look at whether your chosen casinos are exclusively available as websites

Several casinos offer multiple playing options. For example, they will offer apps you can download and use to play on your phone. Even with these, you need to check if your phone is supported. Some may have support for only Android devices while others for Apple devices. Check to see if all your devices are supported if you plan on playing around the house. 

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