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What to Consider Before You Take Up Poker Professionally – 2024 Guide says that 23 million in the United States alone play poker online regularly. Of course, there are many others who play it offline, which makes poker one of the most popular games. Those who are good at the game, may already be considering whether to quit their full-time job and turn into a pro player. Many have done this already.

However, before doing so, here are some issues to consider. Remember, there are both advantages and disadvantages. But before we do that, let’s find out the many types of poker games that is played now.

The Many Poker Games

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Texas Hold ‘Em poker is easily the most renowned version now. The WSOP or the World Series has made it even more popular. Betting is held in 4 rounds here. Omaha is a second type of game that can be played between 2 to 10 players together. This game too has 4 betting rounds like Texas. But there are a few differences.

There is also 7-Card and 5-Card poker where 7 or 5 cards are dealt. High/Low Chicago is played for the lowest or highest hand. Interestingly, you can play this game with the other variations of poker as well. Finally, there is Follow the Queen, which is also a 7-card game with a wild card.

All these types of poker games can be classified as draw, stud, or community games.

Reasons to Play Professionally

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  1. You love the game – It always gives great satisfaction when your profession is something that you actually love. It can be the game of poker, horse riding, diving, singing, anything. You may want to earn by playing, of course, but you may still quit the game after some time if you don’t actually enjoy it. This is also true for poker. Those who are successful in poker are those who actually love the game. It motivates to do better.
  2. Earning potential – Players make good money if they are decent at poker. Online games will often help you make even more. Mr Bet casino review here to learn how much money can be made in this game. Off late, the rake, rewards have changed, which has made it tougher for some players. However, you can still reap in higher rewards per hour compared to many other lucrative professions. Live poker remains very money-making for those who are very skilled at it.
  3. Flexibility, freedom – Regular employment doesn’t give you freedom or flexibility. You must follow the schedule of the business and trade. In poker, however, you play in the hours you choose. Yes, there are pool tendencies where you must play at decided times, but eventually, it all depends on you. The freedom you have will let you avoid the poker fatigue. You will stay motivated.

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Think Twice Before Turning Professional

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  1. Variance – Can be challenging financially and emotionally. Playing can be difficult if a downswing has decimated your bankroll. Have good bankroll management for professional gaming. You must be financially secured and ready for a downswing to survive. Variance can also be emotionally challenging. Don’t let losses affect your motivation. Keep playing as this happens even to the best players.
  2. Difficulty in assessing the win-rate – Every poker player must understand the win-rate. Newbie players cannot do this efficiently. There can be problems in analyzing how big the downswings are.
  3. You need capital to start – Bankroll that is big enough to digest a beating is required. How much BI (buy-ins) you require depends on the variant. It also depends on whether you are at tournaments or playing for cash profit. In No-limit Hold’em, in general, the bankroll must be BI 25 to 40. It’s larger in PLO or Pot-limit Omaha. PLO poker players must start with 60 to 80 BI minimum.

The World’s Most Famous Poker Players

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You will find poker players everywhere in the world as it’s a very popular card game. Some players, of course, are more famous than others because they are more successful. They have a better winning rate. Here are the biggest names

  • Doyle Brunson – Many believe Brunson is the most renowned player ever. A legend on the table, he is often referred to as “Texas Dolly”. Brunson retired from poker in 2018 and hasn’t played poker since then.
  • Daniel Negreanu – Modern-era’s most recognized poker player. His fame started when poker boomed from the middle of 2000s. Daniel was a high-profile player on PokerStars between 2007 and 2019. He is often lovingly called “Kid Poker”.
  • Phil Ivey – Much like Daniel, Phil came into mainstream as poker became a household name. He has regularly been invited to the best and high-stake shows on television, during the 2000s. This has made him a very recognizable face.
  • Dan Bilzerian – He is so popular that Dan has become a social media sensation. He has 31 million people following him Instagram, 1.6 million followers on Twitter. Many players look closely at Dan’s game to find out the strategies he employs so that they themselves can win playing the game.
  • Phil Hellmuth – Popularly called “Poker Brat”, Phil has won more World Series titles than any other person. He has also won 15 bracelets, which are hugely cherished non-monetary prizes.
  • Jennifer Harman – She is probably the best-known female player, though she hasn’t made a lot of TV appearances. However, she is still extremely recognizable.
  • Vanessa Rousso – In 2006’s World Classic she won a staggering $263,625 and this brought her under the spotlight. She instantly became a common face.
  • Maria Ho – Ho came second in World Series for 2011 and made a handsome $540,020. In Maria’s gaming career, she has made a total that exceeds 4 million dollars, which includes many six-figure wins.
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Poker is a very enjoyable game. You can play it for cash rewards or you can play tournaments for fame. Of course, winning at a tournament will give you good money as well, but the main objective here is the fame that comes with it for many players.

But like other games, there are both perks, perils for professionals. To improve chances, make sure that you study the game well and also pick up the winning strategies. Implement these strategies and find out which ones are working for you.

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