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5 Uncommon Online Gambling Strategies That Actually Work in 2024

We plan our lives, our activities, we study hard, work hard, we are dedicated to our family and friends, and we think that if we plan what we do, we will be sure it will work out the best way for us. But, at the same time, some things work in mysterious ways, giving the best outcome possible. Sometimes we are trying unusual and uncommon strategies, to challenge our life, especially when the traditional ones didn’t work as we wished. 

Just try to remember that particular moment when you decided to take a different step, and all the people around you didn’t believe it will end with success. But somehow, you knew, even though you went with an uncommon action. When we talk about gambling, the players should follow the rules of the game, and bet on their lucky numbers. Some of them just let luck do its job, and others will try to develop different types of strategies, so they can win better prizes. 

Some of the unusual strategies may work pretty well, but not all the time. Planning your gambling game is not something you can do in one day. Also, you need to avoid any potentially risky way of playing, which may cause losing a lot of money, or even losing your mind, and damage your mental health. Another thing you must be careful about is avoiding to get addicted to these games. Gambling may cause an addiction, and that’s a fact we shouldn’t deny, no matter what type of strategies we use to play. But, we consider you are aware of that, and we will proceed to talk about the uncommon gambling strategies, that somehow work and bring the gamers nice prizes. 

Have you heard of some of them?

  1. Playing in crowds

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Some people consider playing in crowds as luck, thinking that the social moment will help them collect more chances to win. This is usually seen in slots strategies, and the player thinks he/she will over smart the odds by playing in a group. Sometimes, they even join tournaments, to get multiple prizes, and somehow it often works, according to many people who tried it. 

  1. Never playing individual bets

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This is tightly related to the previous paragraph. The difference is that these people are preferring tournaments over individual playing, and they think it increases the chances. Also, those who rank in the first three places often get prizes too. The most exciting moment is that every player has different luck in them, and the outcome of the whole game can’t be easily predicted. And, of course, tournaments are risky, and that’s even more satisfying and challenging for the player.

  1. Playing poker or blackjack with the dealer

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Some clients may require to play one-on-one with the dealer/croupier, and there are plenty of casinos that allow that, knowing the fact these people think it’s their lucky move. And do you know what’s the most interesting in this? It works in many cases, and it’s not that unusual as it seems, especially in real-life casinos.

When you play with fewer players, you have more chances to take the card you need, and a large number of players means that the chances someone holds the one for you are very big. So, many gamblers consider this step as “resetting” the luck and putting the odds by their side.

  1. Martingale system

This is an old system, according to some sources it was widely used in the last two centuries, and it’s interesting that works all the time when someone is embracing it. It was invented by a man named Jon Henry Martindale, but somehow it changed to Martingale through time. He didn’t use it by himself but encouraged the gamblers to try it. Maybe you didn’t know, but it’s the rule of the coin – if it’s headed up you win, instead, you lose.

The trick is to double the bet after you lose, so in the end, you will recover, and be on a so-called “positive zero”, knowing that your chances are always 50-50. It’s very useful in sports betting. There is no evidence of huge losses when this strategy is used. Another similar system to this is the D’Alembert system, but you take a bet you can afford, and keeping it low all the time, and consider it as a referent point, and try to end on zero by adjusting the bets so you can always keep the initial amount fixed. The Labouchere system is about setting a goal, and then splitting it into smaller units or goals until you get the amount you want, and then stop.

  1. 17 seconds before every spin

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According to some advanced math, you are again resetting your luck between two spins, if you wait for 17 seconds. Slots and other spin games are based on random numbers, and theoretically, it’s impossible to make that algorithm work for you. The combinations of numbers and charms are so random, so we can say it’s unpredictable.

But, is it really? The idea behind this strategy is to wait 17 seconds after you got even the smallest prize possible, and then spin again. According to some gambling experts, these 17 seconds give the player enough time to think about the next step, and also predict the pattern after a few spins. But, we believe that in that period, the player is able to breathe deeper and think twice if they want to continue with the game. 

By knowing all of these unusual and uncommon strategies (and there are many more), you may think you will be able to create your own, based on them, but when it comes to games of luck, you must know that odds are usually not on your side, and you have to turn them there. Also, online casinos increased the general interest of the people, and we can say they are now even more popular than the real-life ones. You can continue reading at Playamo, and find the right game for you, and even try some of these strategies, if you want to. 

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