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6 Popular Gambling Superstitions Only Poker Players Will Understand – 2024 Review

The gambling industry is experiencing a popularity growth because of different reasons. One of the reasons probably is the modernization of the casinos. More precisely, you can now enjoy different games online while sitting in the comfort of your room. Despite that, different casinos like 24K Casino Australia will also offer different types of bonuses and rewards. All these things seem attractive to gamblers. They believe that the bonuses they get can help them earn a larger amount of money. 

You should know that luck is not the only factor that influences your success. Gamblers need to invest their time and effort to improve their knowledge. Being able to predict certain things requires hard work. If you are good at what you are doing, be sure that luck will follow you. 

Yet, we can’t neglect that gamblers are the most superstitious people in the world. Almost every gambler on the planet has certain rituals. They believe that those rituals bring them bad or good luck. People that do not have that sort of interest will probably consider different lucky charms silly. Because of that, we would like to talk about popular gambling superstitions that only poker players will understand. 

It Is Forbbiden to Cross Your Legs

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People that are not gambling always try to find the best position to sit and ensure comfort. However, when we talk about gamblers, you should know that certain things mustn’t happen. We all sometimes crossed our fingers for good luck. On the other hand, many gamblers believe that crossing legs while placing a bet will attract bad luck. They will sit up straight and keep feet on the ground for hours if that is necessary. It doesn’t matter if they feel uncomfortable because of that. 

Counting Money On the Table Is Bad

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Making a profit out of gambling games is the main goal that all gamblers have. Yet, even when they manage to win a lot, they won’t count money always. There is one rule that all gamblers respect. Counting cards before the round ends will bring you bad luck. Despite that, doing the same thing immediately after the game is over will also attract negative energy. 

We are quite sure that people that are not gambling will laugh after reading this. Yet, not counting cards on the table is not a basic superstition. It is also directly associated with the pride that all gamblers have. They want to show that winning a lot of money does not mean anything to them. Logically, the best gamblers are winning big amounts all the time. There is no reason to show emotions when once again, something like that happens. Because of that, they will wait to get out of the casino and count money then. 

13 and 4 Are Unlucky Numbers

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People that live on the west know very well that number 13 is unlucky. There is a history of that myth that is connected with the thirteen apostle’s starring role as Biblical betrayer. Yet, the same rule does not count for all the cultures around the world. Believe it or not, 4 is the unluckiest number in China. That number is some sort of homophone for the word “death”. People that speak the Chinese language know that very well. 

Despite that, there is another word that you mustn’t say in China while gambling. Believe it or not, that word is “books”. That word sounds similar to “lose” in the Chinese language. Gamblers from that part of the world believe they will attract bad luck in that way. 

On the other hand, number eight is considered as one of the lucky numbers in that country. When you pronounce that word, it sounds similar to the word “prosperity”. 

Don’t Sing and Whistle At the Table

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Music is a good tool for inspiration, motivation, and mood improvement. However, doing that while you are gambling is not something you can do. Many gamblers believe that whistling and singing provoke gambling goods. Despite that, many gamblers won’t like to hear that because they want to concentrate. Music and gambling are not a perfect match and it is in your best interest to remember that. 

Be Careful What You Wear

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At first, glance, how you will wear while gambling seems irrelevant. Yet, if you ask the gambler what they think about that, they would not give you such an answer. 

First of all, a huge number of gamblers have their lucky clothes. If you follow professional tournaments, you will see that many gamblers wear the same clothes each day. Keep in mind that some tournaments last for more than 7 days. Despite that, the color of the clothes you wear is also crucial. Gamblers will often strive to wear red clothes because it is some sort of association for luck. In some cultures, some other colors might be lucky, but they all commonly avoid wearing black clothes when playing. They believe that black color is unlucky. 

They Possess Different Lucky Charms

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Certain items probably won’t seem special to you. On the other hand, gamblers will consider the quite important because they believe some of the bring luck. Lucky rabbit’s foot is one of the most popular among gamblers around the world. Despite that, horseshoes and four-leaf clovers are also popular in gambling circles. These are the most popular ones that gamblers usually bring together with them to the casino. Those that gamble online will always have those items near them. 

Still, we previously said that each individual has unique routines and rituals. Because of that, don’t get surprised if you see them bringing some strange things together with them. Johnny Chan is a good example of that. The 10-time WSOP winner always brings an orange on the tournaments. Many people will say that orange is not the reason why he is good at gambling. However, we suggest you don’t try to understand the rituals that professionals have. You will never find an answer to why they are doing certain things. 

Conclusion: Don’t Count on Luck

Before we say “goodbye” to each other, we need to repeat one thing. Neither of the gamblers in the world became rich from gambling because of the luck. They were all investing a lot of time to improve their skills. You should start by analyzing different games at online casinos. Welcome bonuses and similar rewards will make your research easier. After you find the game you like, continue playing it until you master it. It might take you months until you make bigger amounts of money. Yet, patience and hard work are key to success. The luck will be on your side if you respect that rule. 


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