5 Ways to Tell The Difference Between Good & Bad Sportsbooks – 2024 Guide

Online sportsbooks have become one of the most popular hobbies for people who are into sports, betting, having fun, and finally – making money. Thanks to the high demand for online sportsbooks, the online market has significantly grown, and now includes a huge variety of different websites, with amazing betting opportunities, welcome bonuses and other great features that players can take advantage of.

Thanks to technological innovations and constant improvements, these websites and apps are faster than ever, have much better user interfaces, graphics and more importantly, a fantastic variety of games and bets to choose from. You don’t need your PC or laptop anymore, since sportsbooks have also become mobile-friendly, which makes sports betting more accessible than ever before.

However, in the sea of opportunities and choices, spotting the right sportsbooks can become an overwhelming experience. Since the competition is so strong, almost every sports betting website offers incredible bonuses, jackpots, promotions, opportunities, and versatile games. They also offer different payment methods and great customer services that can easily help every player and make the experience simpler, more enjoyable, and more profitable.

That being said, every new player has to set up criteria, to be able to determine what are the differences between good and bad sportsbooks, and how to tell that difference. It all goes down to safety, reliability, and the odds that are available to every player.

Bad sportsbooks don’t necessarily have to be bad for every player out there, since they could simply fail to meet their needs and requirements. Still, several characteristics of sportsbooks are essential for you to find out if the website you’ve chosen is something that would give you money, or headaches in the end.

1. Pay Attention to Reliability


Reliability and trustworthiness are undoubtedly the most important features to look for when choosing the right sportsbook to indulge in the world of sports betting. You’ll most certainly need to check the reviews and read their terms and conditions to get as much information as you can.

This is crucial because you want to keep your info safe, whether it’s your name and address or your credit card, PayPal, or any other info linked to your bank accounts. Your funds, accounts and personal info should be handled with safety and high-security standards so that you don’t have to worry about the potential risks and dangers of betting online.

But that’s not all. You also need to make sure there are no withdrawal limits, or if there are super high. In this case, the best option is to keep searching and try to find another sportsbook to place bets. Pay attention to all the fees they might charge you when you withdraw your money and the amount of time you need to wait to get paid.

2. Pay Attention to Bonuses and Promotions Throughout the Year

The best sportsbooks will also have the best range of bonuses, promotions, rewards and other great deals to choose from. Since it’s a highly competitive market, you will easily be able to make the best out of it, if you make smart decisions. By smart decisions, we mean taking advantage of the options that are lucrative, fair and that are coming with reasonable conditions and requirements. This site will provide you with amazing bonuses and a huge range of options.

However, not every sportsbook is reliable. You certainly don’t need that unattainable promotion that has the purpose of locking your money and making you bet multiple times before you actually get able to earn some.

To avoid this, make sure to read all the small letters too. However, if there is anything too confusing or complicated for you to understand, it is a clear indicator of their intentions and you should be placing bets somewhere else.

3. Is There a Huge Range of Options and Competitive Odds or Not?


This is an important factor to consider since the whole sports betting experience should be designed to meet your needs. In other words, the sportsbook of your choice should have all the games you love and enjoy. If not, you should look for them elsewhere.

You can see what they offer by simply going through their websites or by looking at the reviews that can be found online. A lot of websites offer sportsbook comparisons, based on several criteria. Just choose the games that are important to you and see if they are available, and where.

On the other hand, competitive odds are extremely important for making money by placing bets. You should try to find the best value available by a thorough comparison of odds while keeping in mind that this is something that constantly changes. By choosing the right website to start with, you will have a great starting point to focus on single games and odds.

4. What Else Can They Offer?

Sportsbooks often offer some other betting options, outside your favorite sports. This includes other types of gambling and a wide variety of casino games. In this case, you will be able to use your sports betting account and bankroll, to indulge in other games of your choice. This is a cool thing for all the people who are open to experimenting and trying other betting and gambling options.

5. Do They Have a License and Professional Customer Service?


The importance of this factor is easy to understand, but not many people actually remember to check if the sportsbooks with fantastic bonuses have a license or not. Every reputable business including sports betting websites, will provide you with all the legal information, including the licences to operate in this field. This should be easy to find, and easy to read. If not, you may be dealing with something fraudulent.

However, they may have a license but it can be out of date, or it can even be fake. Don’t be lazy and do your research before making that first bet, providing your personal information, and giving them your money. This is a great tool for spotting the websites you should beware of.

Customer service is also something worth mentioning. If you can’t find the answers to your question by reading the reviews and the provided information, you should be able to get all that info by contacting their customer service.

If no one answers your calls, or if you don’t get the answer after a couple of days, this might be something to worry about. Don’t hesitate to contact them right at the beginning, to make sure you are dealing with a reputable website.

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