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Sports Betting is Being Reckoned All Around the World

Sports betting is becoming a huge business all around the world as betting has become easier than ever. People can make money by just sitting in their house and wagering their money online. As the hype is spreading throughout the world, a lot of countries are taking sports betting as a serious matter. We are now witnessing some changes that have never been done before.

A lot of countries are making sports betting legal and giving the chance to the people to make money. In the following article, Baazi King explains how multiple countries are promoting sports betting and how people are getting benefits from them.

New York to Legalize Sports Betting

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New York has already announced its sports betting budget for the year 2024. This will allow the sports betting market to grow in a legal way for the first time ever. Multiple news channels in the state report that the New York government will handle the operators themselves. Similarly, there would be a limited number of operators in the business that could only seek their licenses from the government itself.

A government member Andrew Cuomo says that he would be running the state’s sports betting business through New York Lottery, which is managed by the government. The basic plan is to issue requests for some proposals only and keep limited mobile operators in the business only. In this way, the state runs the whole betting business and gets the revenue. A lot of other states have given this right to the casinos, where the casinos make the revenue. However, New York is planning it otherwise.

This proposal of Cuomo has been maligned by multiple lawmakers in the state as they think that the idea of the state Lottery running the sports betting market is too absurd. Similarly, this idea is totally different from the normal methods which other states follow. Sports betting is technically already legal in New York, but online sports betting is coming to the state for the first time ever.

Argentina following America’s Footsteps

Regardless of some limitations, sports betting is totally legal in Argentina. Argentina follows the same sports betting model as the US. Some of the sports are considered legal in every region of the country. You can place bets on sports betting from anywhere in Argentina and it would be totally legal. Similarly, the country has also legalized online sports betting for esports, horse racing, and many other sports options.

The country forbids betting on any political events. The country has also created a revenue system in which it spends all the money on improving the sports betting experience in Argentina.

Australia Legalizing Sports Betting

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Australia is well-known for its sports betting market. The country has developed and legalized its sports betting market for people for a long time. In 1980, Australia legalized all kinds of sports betting for general people. Similarly, the country also promotes the online sports betting market. The only restriction Australia imposes is the number of sportsbook ads aired. There is a specific limit to that and anyone crossing that limit can lose their license. Other than this, there are no other specifics that a person needs to worry about.

The country is also expanding its sports betting business offshores. Multiple famous betting operators in Australia are now opening their outlets in the US, as the US is legalizing sports betting as well. These Australian companies are helping the US casinos in providing the sportsbook operations, and thus, new casinos are getting years of experience, to begin with. The sports betting market is only going to expand in the country as the government totally supports the bookmakers around.

Canada with some Restrictions

Canada is also joining the sports betting trend, but with some restrictions. The country has allowed sports betting in different provinces, but it is not as simple as it looks. The sports betting laws are made by the federal government as well as the provincial government at the same time.

For example, Alberta sportsbooks can only through a specific list of gambling brands. However, Alberta does not have any kind of online sports betting websites.

Similarly, British Columbia has also legalized sports betting in the province. However, it has only given the license to 6 different betting websites. Each website is free to enforce any kind of restrictions, including the betting sizes and odds. In another province of Canada, Ontario, sports betting is legal, but single-game wagering is not. Therefore, like other countries, Canada does not provide a free hand to the sports betting market. Each province follows its own rules and situations to deal with. At the end of the day, sports betting does exist in the country and a lot of people are actually indulged in this business.

China keeping up with others

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China is actually known as the country to create gambling. Back in ancient times, the country has generated many games and taught us how gambling works. Although the country has its old roots connected to gambling, the Chinese government looks down on the gambling market and does not allow many of its forms. However, when it comes to sports betting, it is still up in Hong Kong and Macau.

A very famous club in Hong Kong is known as The Hong Kong Jockey Club, is the only gambling source for the people. Similarly, in Macau, sports betting is totally legal, but it is lacking the resources to make it a huge market.

China’s sportsbooks are done by the sports lottery. This happens when most of the bettors place bets on several American basketballs or European soccer leagues. The Chinese government does not consider lotteries as a form of gambling, and this is the only reason that people are allowed to play through these. Not everyone in the country is satisfied with this rule as they think sports betting should be legalized properly. The government has also banned several sports betting websites, but a lot of bookmakers know their way around the blocked websites to get into the business.


Sports betting is becoming a huge business around the globe. Governments are also reckoning the hype and are legalizing sports betting in different ways. A lot of countries have legalized it way before in time. However, some of them are now acting upon it as they know that the state can make revenue out of it. America is soon going to become one of the biggest sports betting markets, as the country is legalizing it in multiple states. Sooner or later, we will witness sports betting becoming a huge business around the world.

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