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Sports Betting is Being Reckoned All Around the World

Sports betting is becoming a huge business all around the world as betting has become easier than ever. People can make money by just sitting in their house and wagering their money online. As the hype is spreading throughout the world, a lot of countries are taking sports betting as …

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How Has the Gambling Industry Fared in 2024?

Gambling is one of the oldest pastimes known to mankind, with evidence pointing to the fact that the activity was heavily regulated within both the Roman Empire and Ancient China. However, gambling has come a long way since then. In recent years, it has gone from strength to strength, often …

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Rise of Gambling Industry in India in 2024

What led to the success of a gambling industry in India and? The legal status of the gambling. Currently, India is actively considering the full legalization of the gambling business, while illegal bookmakers are flourishing, which mainly rely on football and cricket. Apart from Goa, the excitement can only be …

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