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7 Sports Betting Trends you Need to Avoid in 2024

Everything we do is followed by some trends, including sports betting and gambling. But, it doesn’t mean we have to follow that blindly, just because everyone else is doing the same. Depending on what you want to accomplish, you have to develop your own strategy, instead of using the popular ones. If you want to dedicate a lot of time betting, and hoping for a big win, then you have to study the whole topic pretty seriously. But it’s so easy to fall for these trends, and probably the reason for that is the comfortability they offer, knowing that everyone else is doing the same, and if you fail, they fail too. That’s not a healthy strategy, and you should know that.

It’s very easy for the beginners and inexperienced bettors to love these things, like “catching feelings” for one team, or player, or even the place they are playing. Those strategies may really work a couple of times, but being a successful bettor includes a lot more than strategy – you need to be lucky, to trust your gut, and of course, you can’t do anything without a pinch of knowledge. So, let’s see what are those trends we all should avoid during betting:

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  1. Using only one betting provider

Many people think some providers are their luckiest ones or even the operator that works there. But, the same result will happen even if you use another service. Surely you can have a favorite betting place or a website to bet, but that has nothing to do with your luck.

If you are a passionate bettor, you probably already have some favorite service you prefer because of some reasons that are important to you. But, do you have an online fav too? Once you start doing it online, you will have to focus on one or two service providers. You still don’t have one? You can check out Bettingsites24, and probably you will find something for yourself.

  1. Betting on one team all the time

It’s pretty normal and expected for one or two teams to have a great year, and win at most of the matches they will play. But, that doesn’t mean you will have to bet on them all the time. The books exist because someone estimated the possible outcomes and the probability for them to happen, and based on that, the bettors are writing their tips and tickets, being completely aware of the odds.

Knowing that your favorite team won’t have a match every time you feel lucky, or you may like the other team more for some reason. Some people adapt it to betting on teams that come from the same country, that had some mutual players during their existence, and so on. Creating a winning ticket requires a little knowledge and dedication, and of course, some basic strategy you will follow, but also be ready to upgrade it.

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  1. Putting your luck on the home/guest team

Some bettors believe that the odds are always on the side of the home team. Others will bet on the guests just for a challenge. But, we all know that it’s not true and you finally have to overcome the theory that the home team has all the chances to win because they know the environment better.

At the start of the match, all the teams have equal odds, and as the game goes by, you will see that the guests are winning pretty often too.

  1. Betting on the team that was the best last season

We’ve all seen how some exceptional team, that had a nice winning streak last year, today is losing big, and their game is such a shame. There are a lot of examples of that. Just because someone was good in the recent year, it doesn’t mean it will be the same now too.

That’s why you have to study all the aspects of the new season and see how it goes. Once you’ve watched a few games, you can get a better image of what’s happening there and is some team worth it.

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  1. Not using a proper estimation

Even if you have a favorite team you insist to bet on, then you should monitor their performance through the years. Sometimes it happens that one team has a great season, and the next one they are bad. Some of them even had a few years one by another with great results and great championships played. But, that’s irrelevant if you want to use the same strategy for that.

The experienced bettors are using even the historic results so they can estimate their chances when betting on one team. For example, the last decade is not relevant enough, and you maybe should take in mind all the results in the past, so you can see if there is any pattern, or to find out when and how did they perform the best, and what were the reasons when they were the worst.

  1. Betting without knowing anything

Some basic knowledge is a must before you place your first bet. The most successful bettors have a lot of experience behind them, and they study the old books, the results, the predictions, and different conditions that can be relevant to the game. You can go for your luck a few times, but at some point, that luck will expire and you will have to know what you are doing.

Surely, reading blog articles related to the topic will be helpful, but also talking to the old bettors. They will never tell you their secret, but surely they have some useful tips on how to be successful in this.

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  1. Paying someone to bet for you

There are plenty of Facebook pages, blogs, and forums that are full of scams. If you join some group related to sports betting, you will see that there is always some person who considers themselves as an expert and always give their tips for free, but with a tiny catch – if you want even better predictions, you will have to pay for it. And you know what? People are indeed paying for this service, that is probably a scam.

Even if someone somehow knows the exact result of the match, they won’t tell anyone, and they will bet by themselves. So, don’t believe these “nice” people who are always telling something that is correct, but we can all do that. They will try to sell stories like they know some player or the bookmaker, but even if it’s true, it’s on you to bet on the game by yourself.

Have you done some of this before? Do you recognize some of your behaviors? Don’t worry, you really have enough time to make things right, and take the betting seriously enough, so you can be sure you will always have a great tip that may bring you some money.

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