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5 Biggest Online Poker Wins of All Time

Well, gambling is, was, and always will be one of the ways to make your time more interesting. Differences between people around the globe are different. However, when you look closer, almost every town in the world has at least one casino. The reason is simple – everyone likes to gamble.

However, together with the development of modern technology, the gambling world has changed a lot. The traditional casinos became a bit emptier than before because people now can gamble online. This includes every type of gambling game including online poker that is one of the most popular online games.

Why Online Poker Became So Popular?

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Well, there is not only one reason why this type of game became popular. First of all, we can say it is more relaxing for the players. They can play poker from the comfort of their room. For something like that, they only need to have an average PC, tablet, or mobile device and a stable Wi-Fi connection. This benefit allows them to remain more concentrated on winning a reward. When you go to a traditional casino, there will be hundreds of people around you. In that type of environment, you will have to invest additional effort to remain focused.

The second reasons are bonuses and promotions. In traditional casinos, you will need to prepare a certain amount of money to start playing poker. On the contrary, most of the professional online casinos like offer bonuses to their first-time users. We know that beginners are not sure if investing money in online poker will pay off in the end. Logically, they do not have the necessary poker experience and they are afraid to lose money. Well, these bonuses are the right choice to see how it looks to play poker online and gain some experience

Can I Get Rich from Online Poker?

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This is the question that every beginner in the world has. However, the question does not have a clear answer. The reason why we say this is simple. First of all, this mostly depends on you. If you do not set boundaries and become addicted to this game, then we believe it won’t be profitable at all. Despite that, you need to play smart if you are willing to earn some money. Finally, the third factor that determines your success is luck. We do not want to say that you only need to expect to be lucky all the time. However, a certain dose of luck is necessary for all gambling games. Sometimes, the luck will follow you, but don’t get used to that. It might stop helping you at the moment when you expect the less.

Anyway, some people in the world won huge rewards thanks to online poker. We want to share their stories to motivate you to play poker smart and without any emotions that could lead to potential addiction.

Let’s find out together the biggest online poker wins of all time.

1. Patrik “FinddaGrind” Antonius

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This guy is a true example of how people need to play poker online. Believe it or not, the total win during his career is around 17 million dollars. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

The Finland king of the online poker is far away from other poker players from our list.

2. Ben Tollerene

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Well, you can already see the difference between Patrik and other players. Ben is the second player on the list of biggest online poker wins. However, he earned 6 million dollars less than Patrik. Currently, the amount of money that he won thanks to online poker is near 11.5 million dollars.

3. Daniel Cates

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This guy is not maybe creative a lot because his pseudonym is w00ki3z. It is not a pseudonym that you will easily remember. However, if you plan to watch him play poker online, then you will remember who he is. Two years in a row, he made some huge successes on Black Friday. Many people believe he is one of the most aggressive online poker players in the world. He is not afraid to raise the bet even against the most experienced gamblers.

Currently, he earned a bit more than 11 million dollars thanks to online poker. Still, we do not recommend beginners to play in the same way as Daniel. He is an experienced player that tends to become number one in the world. You won’t make the same success if you play aggressively as he. For something like that, you will need to gain more experience and knowledge.

4. Phil Ivey

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Indeed, this player has one more than 10 million dollars thanks to online poker. Still, when you look closer, when you put all the pieces of his career in one place, he is not top of the heap. However, the numbers say he is in fourth place. He lost around 8 million dollars because he is not the type of person that has a lot of patients. Once again, this is not the person who should impress you with his smart moves. However, if you are willing to risk more, then he might be a good example of that.

5. Sven Heinecker

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This is a good example that confirms how poker can be a tough game. We have only four players that reach the value of their wins above 10 million dollars. Sven still did not achieve that result and he earned near 9.8 million dollars. However, we believe he will become the fifth member of the 10+ million dollar club.

The German guy is well-known as the player that has smart moves. Beginners might check how he plays. He usually does not risk too much, but when he does that, he always wins. Ragen70 (that’s his pseudonym) is the guy who knows how to deal with people that are even more experienced than him.


Okay, we provided you with the list of biggest online poker wins of all time. Keep in mind that the history of online poker is not too long. We are sure that there will be many more memorable moments in this industry sooner or later. If you plan to start playing, be careful and smart. However, do not hesitate to sometimes test your luck and risk more. Do not do that with higher amounts of money until you gain enough experience.

Good luck!

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