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Would Skill-Based Slots Appeal to Poker Players?

Online slot games appeal to a wide range of players because of the varying themes on offer and the simplistic gameplay. But if there’s one set of people that slots arguably don’t attract, it’s poker players. Poker players like to reduce aspects that come down to chance. They like to stack the odds in their favor by playing the percentages and making careful investments. Players have little control over what happens in a slot game. But if developers decided to bring in more elements of skill, would poker players be interested?

If there’s one thing poker players can’t stand, it’s when laypeople claim that there is luck involved in the game. Professional poker players spend years refining their strategies so that any elements of chance are dealt with in the correct way. Of course, the randomness of the deal always means that there will be some luck involved, but the most skilled players are able to prevail even when they haven’t received the best cards. This is why poker players are unlikely to feel drawn to playing games like online slots, which are based completely on chance.

The online slots by SkyCity casino genre does have great appeal to mass audiences. There are hundreds of different titles to enjoy which are often based on exciting themes. These include games like Immortal Romance which is based on vampires, and Ozzy Osbourne, which is based on the famous rocker. Some poker players may enjoy spinning the reels to experience something wildly different from the card game. They can even be used to prepare players to hold their nerve during coin-flip situations within a poker tournament. But for players looking for a game which is similar to poker, slots would not suffice.

Slots have evolved greatly over the years, and they are likely to change a lot more in the future. Developers are constantly thinking of ways to keep ahead of the times and bring about new advancements. One thing which has been touted a lot in recent times is the introduction of elements of skill. This idea could have come about when thinking of ways to tap into the booming online poker industry. In case you are a bonus hunter and a slot lover, make sure to check out

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Slot games currently have side games that are triggered when certain symbols spin into view. Often, the player is taken to another screen where a separate game starts. It’s at this point where a skill-based game could work – and indeed, it wouldn’t be the first area of gaming to devote more attention to the skill involved according to Allowing players to have some control over whether they win the prize or not could revolutionize the slot industry. It would not only serve to attract poker players, but it could also appeal to gamers. According to, the growing eSports industry is becoming closely linked with the online casino sector, so games that bridge this gap will be successful.

There are already video poker machines on the market that would appeal to poker players because they follow the same rules. However, the elements of chance in these games are quite high as well. If developers created slot games that gave players more control over their own fate, then poker players would most likely take a greater interest in them.

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