Can You Play Blackjack by Yourself?

On the face of it, the idea of playing blackjack by yourself might seem strange – especially if you’re used to playing it along with a group of friends. This is for a number of reasons: there needs to be more than one person present in order for the mechanics of the game to work, for example, while the excitement of the game also relies in large part on the dynamics and tension between the players.

However, for those who don’t have access to a group of blackjack-playing friends, or for those who prefer to play by themselves for privacy reasons, it might become necessary to resort to the sort of service which automates the second player role. This blog post will look into the pros and cons of doing this, and – if you’re in a position to choose – help you decide whether solo or group play is the best route for you.

Many services for solo play


First off, it’s worth understanding the facts: playing blackjack by yourself is not only possible, but it’s also easily done and very accessible. There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to do this. You may, for example, want to play without prying eyes, perhaps because you feel that your gambling hobby is sensitive or private – or because you’re a beginner and are finding it hard to master the rules. Alternatively, you may simply find that you don’t have the sort of network around you to provide the people for a group game, and hence need to play with an automated partner instead.

Whatever the reasons are, you can certainly play blackjack by yourself online – and, according to SkyCity, there are plenty of top jackpots on offer no matter how you’re choosing to play. The way in which you can access this is by signing up to an online casino service and choosing one of the many blackjack options available there. This is perfect if you want to play online for cash. If you prefer to play just for the fun of it without any money-changing hands, an app that you can download from the Play Store may be what you need.

Those who are concerned that the mechanics of the blackjack game might not be replicated if playing by yourself, however, need not fear. The game’s mechanics can be replicated through the use of software, with the “house” – or the part of the casino process that accepts your wagering money – automated. These software programs are developed by specialist developers who are able to re-create a computerized player who is as intelligent and realistic as an actual dealer or fellow player through the use of algorithms that respond to the hands that you play.

The presence of top-quality graphics in casino games and blackjack apps also helps this process along. As little as 10 or 20 years ago, online blackjack games were somewhat clunky and not well-designed. Now, the tables have turned. These services are now so well designed that it’s almost unnecessary for other people to be present in order for the game to be exciting and stimulating. This is thanks to a number of major graphic design sector steps forward, such as high-definition displays and gesture control.

Still fundamentally a group game


Despite all this evidence to suggest that blackjack can easily be played by yourself, there are some blackjack purists who would argue that it’s not possible for a true game of blackjack to take place if the player is operating by themselves. Ultimately, this is a philosophical question rather than a question of feasibility. Nobody is denying that single-player blackjack services exist, but rather are questioning whether the game is truly worth playing as a single-player.

The first reason that people take this position is based on tension. By this argument, tension is crucial to blackjack gameplay. It’s necessary for players to be able to see each other and to read each other’s moods, and without the sight of the facial expressions of others, this might not be able to be replicated. However, some leading online casinos are getting around this to some extent by offering live dealer services, which offer players the chance to see a video feed of a live human dealing the cards for them – even if the two individuals are based in entirely different places.

People sometimes also take this position based on game rules. While it’s clear that all blackjack game mechanics can be replicated, some would say that certain rules of the game can’t be properly followed when the player’s competitor is automated. Others also object to playing blackjack online on the basis that there is a higher risk of scams. If the casino website you choose is a scam site, they may say, there’s no point playing at all because you may never be able to access your winnings. However, the risk of this can be mitigated by choosing a reputable casino.

Ultimately, it’s clear that there’s only one answer to this question: it’s definitely possible to play blackjack by yourself thanks to the proliferation of casino games and blackjack playing apps that automate all the other roles. It requires some re-imagination on the part of the player: they may have to get used to playing against an automated “house” that doesn’t necessarily talk back, for example, unless live dealer functions are used. Thanks to graphics in casino blackjack games and blackjack apps being as high quality as they are, it’s entirely plausible that the excitement built by a group of blackjack players can be replicated to a large extent. While some people might argue that the only way to play blackjack is to be around other people, it’s clear that this is something of an overly purist view. Those who want to play by themselves can certainly find a way.

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