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6 Strategies To Outplay Good Aggressive Poker Players

Poker is one of the most popular casino games, and it holds that popularity for a long time. There are even TV channels where you can watch tournaments and some of the best players in the world. The most popular tournament is the World Series of Poker, with a prize pool of over $80 million. The winner gets over $10 million. Besides the live tournaments, online Poker is also becoming more popular. The developers are introducing new models of online platforms that are very attractive to players, especially because of the convenience since you can play at any time from your home. If you want to learn more about poker player types, visit this guide.

The main reason why so many people prefer this game is because it is not based only on pure luck. Many strategies can help you to win more hands. However, it will require good skills and experience as well, especially if you are playing against professionals. Moreover, there are different types of players that you can face. Some of them might be more cautious when it comes to raising bets, while there are aggressive players as well. You can perform much better if you determine the type of players at the table. Here are the best strategies against aggressive players.

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1. Blocking Bets

This is one of the best methods that you can use against aggressive players. You will have to raise the bet by a smaller amount each time that will confuse the aggressive opponents since they won’t re-raise the hand in case that they don’t have good cards. The best timing for a blocking bet is after the first three cards are placed on the table. That way, chances are higher that other players will wait for the fourth and fifth cards before they decide to increase the bet. That will help you to determine if it is a good option to pay a larger bid or not. The main advantage of this system is related to protection. On the other hand, you have to be aware of the risks in case that you constantly get bad cards.

2. Re-Raise Their Bets

The common system that aggressive players are using is that they rely on a strategy where other players might decide to withdraw from the following bet. Also, luck is very important since they can never be sure about the outcome, especially those who go aggressively from the start. Therefore, if you have decent cards in your hand, a great solution is to re-raise their bets since they might confuse them. In case that they don’t have good cards, chances are low that they will continue with the same strategy in another round.

3. Try To Bluff More Often

If you notice that someone is constantly raising the bet even before the flop, the chances are great that they are bluffing and using the strategy where they will focus on winning the blind. In that matter, you can also try to bluff since they will stop betting high without good cards. In some cases, even a strong pair might affect them to start betting higher, and you can always follow if you have at least a pair after the flop. Moreover, bluffing after the river is a great strategy where most of the aggressive players will withdraw in case that they don’t have stronger cards.

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4. Follow Their Actions

Another system that will help you to cope with this type of player is to simply follow their actions. In that matter, if someone raises the bet during the blinds, it is a good option to call. However, there are some combinations of cards where the best option is to withdraw, such as 3 and 9, 4 and 9, 2 and 7, 3 and 8, and other combos where you cannot get a decent combination like straight or stronger pair of cards. On the other side, most of these players will start raising even if they have at least one good card. Therefore, if you are holding 10 or higher, it is always a good option to pay and check the flop. There is lots of space for a good bluffing after that as well.

5. Be Flexible

You should never use the same system in each hand since that will uncover your habits and helps others to determine when you have good cards. Therefore, play more surprisingly. For example, if you notice that some players are too aggressive, and you have a good pair in your hands, the great solution is to let them raise the bet, and simply pay until the last round. After that, if you have a good combination, you will surprise everyone with a high bet, where many players might think that you are bluffing. That gives you a high chance to win big since a lot of players will pay your big bet.

6. Know When To Give Up

Even though chances are high that people who are constantly playing big hands have weak cards, that doesn’t mean that you should call with a poor hand as well. We already mentioned that there are some combinations of cards where you should even avoid paying the blind. You should pay attention to your odds to win the hand, and then to the actions of other players. After that, you can decide which system to use against aggressive people.

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Last Words

The most important part of the game that can help you to be more successful is to determine the habits of your opponents. Besides the aggressive players, there are also those passive people who often avoid paying for the round in case that they don’t hold good cards. Therefore, be more cautious when they start raising the bets. The best solution is to be more surprising so your opponents cannot find the best system against you. When it comes to aggressive opponents, proper combination of these strategies and a bit of luck are the best way to win against them.

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