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6 Tips To Smash Your Online Slot Games

Online slots have taken over the gaming industry. They even offer more options than land-based slots.

But the major thing is winning. It’s not about whether the casino or slot you’re playing is attractive. We all want to win. No one likes losing.

Now how can you smash that online slot game? Keep reading to get some eye-opening tips.

Understand How Online Slots Work

One of the ways to win at slots is to understand how the game works. There are numerous tricks of winning slots out there. But keep in mind that most of them are outdated.

Modern online slots make use of software called RNG (Random Number Generator). The software helps to generate millions of results, making slot games random, though more secure.

The fact that slots using RNG software are random makes securing jackpots a matter of chance. But then, most slots offer better odds than some others.

A better way to understand online slots, including how to trigger some crucial bonus features, is to play free slot games. Doing so will give you a bigger bankroll to secure larger slot wins.

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Take Advantage Of Free Spins

As the saying goes, there’s no free food in Freetown. But you can get free spins from most casinos when you conduct a thorough search.

It’s also important to note that most casinos offer free spins every day, which is a big plus to any player seeking to smash online slots. However, not all free spins are worthwhile. Some require a cash deposit to access.

The best free spin includes those that don’t require a deposit, or even if they do, it would be a meager amount. Furthermore, whatever profit you make using the free spin should be yours to keep.

No risk but rewards. That’s the benefit of most free spins. But before you proceed to register or start playing, make an effort to understand the terms and conditions attached to the free offer.

If you’re required to deposit cash to access the free spins, check to know if the offer is worthwhile. Otherwise, turn your attention elsewhere.

But if you find free spins, like the ones from Ekstrapoint that are genuinely free, take advantage of such an opportunity to make more profit playing your favorite online slot game.

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Know When To Walk Away

Greed is a common thing in slot play. But if you want to win, avoid it. Those who allow greed to take over find it hard to win slots. Greed creates a false hope that the more you play or bet even while in profit, the more profit you can make.

The best time to walk away is when you’re in profit. This means that your available balance is bigger than the starting balance.

So how big should your profit be before you decide to stop? Well, this is totally up to you. But if you sincerely want to win, a 10% profit isn’t a bad idea. That is if you staked $100, and the final balance is $105.

The two figures are not the same thing. The latter shows that you are in profit. And it is at this point that you should consider stopping.

However, this isn’t the standard benchmark but an illustration. You might decide to walk away once your profit hits 20%. It’s all up to you to decide.

But keep in mind that the outcome of slot play is highly unpredictable. You never know what could happen next. That’s why it’s advisable to stop playing once you’re in profit and walk away. It’s the only sure way to win at slot or casino games.

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Consider Raising Your Bets

Most people feel they have a goldmine after discovering a penny slot machine, which has a progressive jackpot. And you can’t blame them.

However, if you’re trying to register some big wins on a penny slot, which happens to offer inexpensive slot games, then read this.

If you want to win on penny slots, your bets should be bigger than $0.01. Why? Unlocking bonus rounds can never happen with such a bet.

Furthermore, if you’re serious about securing jackpot qualification, have a bet placed on each pay line. Doing so will make bets’ total amount higher than a penny.

Winning a progressive jackpot is impossible with a minimum bet. It’s only likely going to happen via maximum bets. You can’t expect to win millions of dollars with a $0.01 bet. It’s not even logical.

So, if you want to win big, stake bigger amounts. But if you’re comfortable with small wins, you can stake smaller amounts.

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Risk What You’re Comfortable Losing

Life itself is full of risks. Anything can happen in a second, minute, or hour. Even if your schedules have been planned out, other things can alter it.

The same thing happens in online slots and gambling, in general. You never know what can happen to your bets. The only two outcomes are “win or lose,” though every slot player or gambler wants to be on the winning side.

In gambling, risks are a major factor. And it’s always up to you, the gambler, to decide how much you’re willing to risk. But never risk what you’re not comfortable losing.

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Check Slot Reviews

If you want to find slot winning tips or games with impressive odds, read reviews. Most reviews will help you figure out how to trigger certain game bonuses, including the lucrative features to pursue. You will be able to gauge games’ worth before making commitments.

What makes slot reviews crucial is that they are written by casino experts, including other players. And such reviews are mostly unbiased, and they help beginners to avoid costly online slots mistakes.


There is no winning formula in online slots. You can only increase your chances of winning by doing things right. This post contains tips you can deploy to boost your chances of winning slots. You will also gain more experience and pick up some knowledge on how to approach slot games along the line.

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