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2020 Football Season Approaches with New Dynamics to Learn and Consider

 To the surprise of many, the college and pro football seasons will both open in less than a few days.  Most college football teams are scheduled to play.  Big Ten, Pac 12, MAC, and Mountain West Conference teams are postponed.  Meanwhile, the NFL has its full-season scheduled to start.  Preseason games were cancelled to the delight of all.  Everyone hopes that will be a new normal in future years.

As football season approaches bettors to have new factors to consider.  College schedules will be much more conference centric.  From this point creampuff non-conference “money” games have largely disappeared.  Southeastern Conference fans love the new online betting format that you can check at  Higher quality matchups with more league games please everyone.  On the whole, COVID-19 has made college football more serious about fluff contests.  Fans and gamblers are the winners.  NFL gambling begins with a new era.  Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s split has flipped the script.  An account of the divorce New England’s dynasty could be over.  Who fills the void is the gambling question.

Coaching and Organizational Structure Security Blanket for Some Bettors

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To begin with, there is massive uncertainty about the 2020 NFL season.  Gamblers may flock to the proven brands to cope with the unknown.  Ironically enough this makes the New England Patriots the ultimate riddle. Tom Brady is gone but Bill Belichick remains.  More emphatically “The Hoodie” built the Patriot dynasty that Brady flourished in.  New England faces the additional challenge of eight players opting out of play.  Belichick faces the greatest challenge of his career.  Yet wagering either extreme on the Pats Betting on NFL prospects is dangerous.

“Past results do not guarantee future gains” is an investment world warning. Certainly, that pertains to the 2024 season.  The combination of unknown future COVID-19 adjustments and roster changes alter the landscape.

Tampa Bay is Still Buc-ing History

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Equally important is not overreacting to the changing landscape.  Brady’s move to the Buccaneers triggered a flood of public betting money.  Tampa Bay remains a questionable team with defensive problems.  They have been one of the worst organizations in pro sports over the past decade.  Tom Brady is 43 years old.  Does anyone know or care that defies all gravity?  Further, Belichick will not be there to keep Brady on edge.

Tampa Bay is unproven and overpriced.  Of course, they can win but there is nothing proving they will.  The Bucs are priced like a team they have not been in nearly 20 years. To be exact it has never been more important for gamblers to secure full value in 2024.  Contrarian handicapping may prove more advantageous.  Fading the public and betting with the house has greater Offshore betting potential than ever.  Betting like a FanBoy is a license to burn cash.

The Case for the Patriots

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Belichick has always found away.  Consider that the Patriots went 11-5 the one season that Brady missed. Think of all the years New England defied Betting on football expectations.  And without Tom Brady on hand.  Bill Belichick’s system has seen players come and go.  Brady was the one constant.  Now Cam Newton arrives to resurrect his career.  If there is one coach that could pull this off it’s “The Hoodie.”  So too is the fact that no proven alternatives are in the AFC East.

College Coaches to Get With

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College football has become a revolving door game.  Players jump earlier to the NFL or transfer for playing time.  Yet the same power teams remain.  Alabama, Clemson, and LSU stay favorites.  Namely Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, and Ed Orgeron have built brands as much as programs.  Top recruits flock to these programs.  Ohio State was such a sports betting brand. But the Buckeyes are stuck in a Big Ten Conference that panicked.  Big Ten “leaders” canceled their fall season before they had to.  Ramifications for this blunder could be permanent.

Coaching is important in the NFL.  However, in the college game its lifeblood.  College football coaches have much greater control than NFL coaches.  College mentors can pick any player they want every year.  There is no draft of the salary cap.  In the same way, college players are much more coachable than the pros.  All of which means in a year of uncertainty gamblers will gravitate to what they know.

Slightly Under the Radar College Programs Poised for Breakouts

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The 2017 Georgia Bulldogs should have won the national championship.  They led Alabama in the national championship game 21-7.  This forced Nick Saban to go for broke with a raw freshman quarterback off the bench.  Tua Tagovailoa sent the game to overtime.  Subsequently, he threw the touchdown pass to win it all.  Georgia has remained en elite program.  Former Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart has proven superb as head coach.  Nobody recruits better than Smart.  Accordingly, the Bulldogs can beat anyone in the country.

Dan Mullen has finally pulled the Florida Gators out of the muck.  Last year he improvised with Kyle Trask at quarterback.  Trask went from backup to folk hero in just a few short weeks.  Florida finished 11-2 and sixth in the national polls.  In particular, Mullen begins only his third season at the helm.  Florida is a team on the come.

Another coach and program set to bust loose are Tom Herman and Texas.  Recruiting is never an issue for the Longhorns.  Sam Ehlinger is a Heisman Trophy candidate at quarterback.  Only the Oklahoma Sooners stand in the way.

LA Rams Classic Beaten Favorite

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One year ago, Rams coach Sean McVay was touted as the man who reinvented football.  His assistants were the hottest candidates for open jobs.  And then Los Angeles was caught flat and limped home to a 9-7 record.  Balanced against that is how the fickle public abandoned the Rams as if they went 4-12.  Los Angeles could prove to be the surprise team in the NFL for 2024.  McVay and quarterback Jared Goff are certainly motivated to make that so.

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