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The Top 10 Places to Play Poker in the U.S.A

Nowadays, a lot of people in the US are becoming poker fans and they also like to play poker regularly. While there are great casinos in Europe (check sites like, Texas Holdem as the name suggests originated from the U.S. So, today let’s look at the top places to play poker. But firstly, you should understand what makes a place an incredible poker room.

A good poker environment is made by a blend of various factors like proper management of poker rooms, the number of different games, great food, a sensible rake, fair hotel prices, a good location, etc.

So without further ado let’s check out the top 10 places to play poker in U.S.A :

1. Las Vegas

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How could Las Vegas not be in the first place on this list? It is home to the world’s densest number of poker rooms and also one of the most lavish ones in areas such as the Aria Resort and Casino. There are 31 poker rooms in Las Vegas and a lot of tournaments are held here regularly with the cash game action never-ending.

Other than that, Las Vegas has one of the most affordable hotel rates and has a large number of nightclubs and restaurants. Moreover, there are beautiful biking and hiking trails for adventurous people, and transportation facilities are also really affordable. Therefore, Las Vegas is considered the best place in the world to play poker and entertain yourself.

2. Southern Regions of California

Southern California is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Moreover, Southern California has a lot of great poker rooms like the Casino Pauma, starting from Los Angeles to San Diego. There are more than 50 poker rooms in this area which includes some of the biggest poker rooms in the world.

Southern California is the only area in the world that can compete with Las Vegas when it comes to the best place to play poker. The poker rooms, in Southern California, are generally very big with at least 100 tables in each. Regularly, tournaments are also conducted and when you have the largest number of poker players, then you get the most dramatic and exciting poker games in the world.

Moreover, you can also enjoy outdoor recreation, nightlife, and scenic beauty. The hotels and transportation facilities in Southern California are also very reasonable. With everything taken into account, Southern California is one of the best places in the world to play poker.

3. Atlantic City

Atlantic City is said to be the Las Vegas of the East of the U.S.A. With its densely located high-class poker rooms like Golden Nugget Poker room etc, Atlantic City ticks all the necessary boxes to be in the list of top 10 places to play poker in the U.S.A.

Despite the fact that it is not as huge and lively as Southern California or Las Vegas, the poker here is yet exciting and phenomenal. Atlantic City also has one of the most extravagant poker rooms in the world. There are many rooms in one place and this creates space for large tournaments and big activities.

For others, there is an incredible footpath for walking and shopping, and obviously, you also have one of the most amazing beaches on the planet by your right. All and all Atlantic City is definitely one of the best places to play poker in the U.S.A.

4. Southeastern Connecticut

You might think that Southeastern Connecticut has few poker rooms then how it is on the top 10 list of places to play poker in the U.S.A. However, the poker rooms in Southeastern Connecticut like one in Foxwoods Resort Casino conduct a lot of poker games at more limit, so the excitement level is otherworldly. Moreover, a lot of different games are also available inside these big casinos.

However, southeastern Connecticut doesn’t have the type of nightlife and outdoor recreation as Las Vegas or Southern California. Still, there is the scenic beauty of the Connecticut woods and the coastline town of Mystic.

All and all, with its huge casinos, and affordable hospitality, Southeastern Connecticut makes one of the best places to play poker in the U.S.A.

5. Florida

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With a count of 37 great poker rooms like Oxford Downs Poker room and Derby Lane Poker room, which are spread all over the west and east coast, Florida is a good destination if you want to play poker. Mostly the poker rooms are situated around the significant metropolitan territories. There are also some rooms tossed inside for good measure.

Moreover, it has exciting poker tables as mostly there is a demand for big games only– with genuine activity prodded on by repressed interest for defining moments. With the sunshine state, you will also have an incredible climate, a lot of travel options, extraordinary restaurants, and excellent seashores around the state.

6. Northern California

Northern California also sits at the top when it comes to the poker experience. With a count of 15 different rooms like Tower Casino & Card Room and others to look at, there is more than enough space to play poker. There are some great poker rooms like Casino 99 which lead the poker industry in Northern California. Moreover, there are also many beautiful places in Northern California and it is also amongst the most beautiful travel destinations in the U.S.A.

7. Oklahoma

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With 17 world-class poker rooms like one in Choctaw Casino to choose from, Oklahoma is a good place to play poker. With the growth in tourism, the beautiful landscape of Oklahoma has become even more popular. Moreover, Oklahoma also has some fantastic restaurants and museums.

8. Mississippi

There are currently 7 good quality poker rooms like IP Casino in the state of Mississippi. With 3 poker rooms, Tunica in the northern part of Mississippi is called mini Las Vegas. Moreover, there are great travel sites in Mississippi such as the Civil War site and historic site of Philadelphia.

9. New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is an excellent state to visit and also has some great casinos like Chasers Poker Room and Casino. There are a total of 12 poker rooms spread across the state of New Hampshire. Moreover, there are huge stakes and they range upwards of $200, and you can win more than $50,000 in prize money. With beautiful views, great restaurants, and lovely mortals, New Hampshire makes a good place to visit and play poker.

10. Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington is a wonderful city with a lot of spots to visit and have fun. There are 11 poker rooms like Fortune Poker in Seattle, most of which are situated around the city. However, the poker rooms in Seattle are small compared to other cities like Las Vegas. Also, Seattle is a beautiful city packed with many beautiful places.

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