How to Improve Your Hand Reading Skills at Online Poker

Have you ever tried your luck in gambling? Although gambling is still considered as an activity that needs to be hidden and also as a risky activity that easily leads to addiction certain changes in the gaming industry have slowly started to transform the way people think about gambling changing their opinion from something that’s been stigmatized and should be forbidden to something that is a normal part of our everyday live and just another hobby however it seems like this is still is one of the most common questions, although no we could say that there are not so many people who haven’t tried at least playing slots or any of the card games for the ones who indulged in some of the gambling activities there is one game that’s the queen of all the other games when it comes to gambling that is most certainly poker

Do you know when the first poker game took place? Believe it or not, poker is one of the oldest gambling activities in the world. This could be one of the reasons behind the fact that this game only seems to become more and more popular people just can’t get enough of it but that is not the only reason for some games the only thing you need is luck while for some games such as poker you need a combination of a good strategy self-control intelligence skills experience and finally a bit of psychological knowledge it’s in our nature to try to outsmart others and this is why poker is so exciting to play there are so many layers of the game and mastering each part of the process is extremely enjoyable and winning in poker is rewarding not only in money but in personal satisfaction as well it’s what makes people feel good about themselves

To be able to understand how important poker is we should go back to the history of Poker According to certain sources, the first poker game was played in the 10th or 16th century by the leaders of China and Persia. When it comes to Europe, it seems like poker arrived a couple of centuries later, only to become one of the most common games until this day. We all know that the first casinos (gambling house was their name at first) were open in Italy and France in the 17th century, while people had to wait for at least 2 or 3 centuries more for casinos to open in the US.


Still, no matter when the first casino was open, the reality is – people always wanted to gamble, and it was always an exciting activity that helped people socialize, have fun, and finally – win some money. Over the years, the situation changed. Casinos have become tourist attractions and while they still are popular the mindset about going to a casino has dramatically changed people put visiting a casino on their Bucket List because they want the experience not because they want to gamble in a casino finally these places brick-and-mortar casinos are not the only place where you can gamble nowadays with the technology innovations and the rise of the internet almost everything around us went online.

This is the case with gambling as well and especially poker. Online poker took over traditional poker and is now one of the top 5 most visited and played games online, on various websites. You can see that yourself by checking Wazamba on Although some things changed, others will always remain the same and that’s the case with certain poker rules. If you’ve ever indulged in a game of this kind, then you must certainly know that reading other people’s hands is one of the most if not the most important factor and skill a player should have or acquire. Reading other people’s hands means figuring out what cards they have and what their odds are against you or yours against them.

Since this is such an important skill to have if you want to be successful in this game people have started searching for tips and tricks on how to become good at this skill, how to improve it and finally how to become a master of it with all her about the term that’s called Poker Face which is a part of the strategy where players don’t show their feelings more reactions which makes it harder for their opponents to figure out if they’re winning or losing well well reading other players hands is a bit more complicated than reading someone’s face here are some tips and tricks on how to improve the skill in order to win Big and be better than other players whether you’re playing online or offline:

1. Exclude cards until you get to the most likely combination


Identifying your opponents’ cards is your main goal. This means that you need to find a system that would help you out in this process. Since you’re not able to see their cards, the only way to do that is by excluding the cards they might not have until you’re left with the ones they probably have. How to do this? By remembering every card your opponent has when he fires that card, you will be able to remember which cards he doesn’t have, which will help you narrow down their cards and approximately figure out what might be their next hand.

2. Figuring out your odds against them


The next thing you can do, if you remembered everything, is dividing these cards into hands you are beating, and the ones you are losing. Why is this important? The answer is simple. You need to know where you’re standing and if you can win the game or not. If you calculate everything in your head and realise that you can win, the next thing you need to do

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