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Even for High Rollers, the Best Part of Poker Isn’t Always in the Cards

For men, it is no easy task to make new friends after college. The prominent people in a man’s life are his family members, university friends, and colleagues at work. Sometimes it could be the guys at the gym or in their neighborhood. Men relish the opportunity to play duckdice  as it offers something different in bitcoin gambling. At the poker table, they get the chance to meet people with other interests, skills, and professional backgrounds.

Unlike the typical friends with whom you share many things, poker allows you to sit at the table with guys you would never sit down with. Some poker players have confessed that some of their closest friendships began at poker games. Read on to find out how poker opens the door for the players to form friendships that become beneficial beyond the poker table.

Poker Is a Social Game

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Poker is regarded as a profoundly social and cheerful game. Golf is also considered a social game, but players are out in a vast green area. Furthermore, the players have to conduct themselves with decorum. On the other hand, unless you are playing professionally, poker happens in a totally different setting.

Players typically sit together tightly, share drinks and bitings as they chat, laugh, and crack jokes. As you do this for hours on end, you will eventually get closer to the other players. Another great thing is that regardless of your professional or educational background, the poker table makes everyone equals.

You see, adult life is defined by serious stuff only, including family responsibilities, work, or career that usually breeds wariness about people’s motives for being friendly to you, especially if you are well off. But, the poker table is a safe space where adults can become kids, let loose and have fun.

It is easy for other players to recognize that you are going through a rough patch. For instance, they can quickly tell when you are distressed and distracted by every move you make. Since you might have been playing together for several hours, enough rapport was created for the other players to reach out and find out if you are okay.

Men are usually not the kind to openly share their struggles. But, when they see someone reaching out to help when they are in a tough spot, they take it as a sign of friendship. So, even if they are stubborn at first, recognizing one is in trouble, and reaching out to help is how formidable friendships are formed at the poker table.

Furthermore, technology has made it possible for players to continue their social encounters online in this era of social distancing. Poker players can still converge on a virtual table with a live dealer and enjoy their favorite game. Moreover, the live casino platforms also allow the players to interact with each other ensuring that the social culture continues.

You Can Also Make a Business Deal

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Don’t get it twisted; this does not mean that poker is good for business. In fact, if you go to a poker game wearing a salesman hat, chances are you will not be invited back to that table next time.

At the poker table, you will meet someone who knows someone interested in something you are doing. For instance, there is a story of someone that became friends with a fellow poker player after reaching out to help. Later, he was dialing for dollars to raise money for a business deal.

Even though this poker friend was not interested in his king of business, he knew someone who did and linked him to the person who made a generous contribution. This demonstrates that there is more to a poker game than just the cards.

The relationships you make during poker games could be beneficial in other areas of your life. You would be surprised if you met a business partner you wouldn’t have met on any other platform and, through your new partnership, make loads of profit that you couldn’t make from the poker games.

During the Game, You Discover Someone’s Real Character

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A poker game typically has highs, lows, and changing fortunes all happening within a very short time. In such a situation, you will quickly learn the real character of the person seated next to you, and they also see the real you.

The other players will see you when you are at risk, victorious, crafty, strategic, charitable, or withholding. You will be able to tell who the grandstanders are and who the crybabies are. Your real character that generally stays hidden when you are acting all together lovely usually comes out at the poker table.

When other people understand your strengths and weaknesses, and you understand theirs, it becomes easy for you to relate. It is such settings that provide the basis for you to form genuine friendships. Otherwise, men are usually a hard nut to crack because they can keep their true character well hidden.

Final Thoughts

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If you play poker for fun, you can relate to the sentiments shared in this post. Humans are social beings and are yearning for genuine relationships. Sometimes, it is hard to find this within your “normal” circle of friends and colleagues. However, a game of poker gives you the chance to meet people you wouldn’t have imagined you could meet in your lifetime.

As mentioned above, in a game poker the players get the chance to be “naked” before each other as they play. As the stakes become higher and tempers shoot to the roof it becomes a perfect opportunity for players to know each other’s character. It is an open secret that true friendships are founded on honest interactions. In the end, many people form friendships that last for decades after meeting at the poker table.

It is important to remember to gamble responsibly and beware of people who might want to exploit your kindness or weakness.

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