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How Big is a Payback Percentage on Slot Machines – 2024 Review

Payout percentage tells you the average amount that a player receives after winning multiple games. Therefore, you cannot always estimate your profit in a single session. The only important thing is your spins. If you make several spins, you will win a large amount on average.

Furthermore, the payback percentage varies with casinos and machines. Therefore, you have to look for the payout before making the bet. For example, the slot machine offers a 90 percent payback and you bet $100 for the game. Now you can expect that you will win $90 or not at all. The machine will return $90 on average but not to everyone.

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Higher payout percentage – higher winnings

If a slot machine is offering a higher payout percentage that means it will favor the players. That is why more people bet on slots. But won’t it be less beneficial for the casinos? Of course, it will be. With a higher payout, casinos will lose more. Therefore, they ad terms and conditions that decrease monetary losses.

That is why you need to do proper research work for the payouts and also for the terms and conditions. You might win more but with the tricky regulations, you won’t be able to gain much from it.

But as mentioned before, this is all about the average things. You might win much more in a single session. For instance, you might hit the biggest jackpot in your first spin. Or you might get nothing at all.

Statistics of slot machines payback

Different states offer different paybacks in their slot machines. So if you want to get more, you need to do a bit more research. We are going to tell you the statistics of some of the American States.

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1. Arizona

The casinos of Arizona offer amazing paybacks. So according to their Department of Gaming, their casinos offer 80 to 100 percent payback in slot machines.

2. Arkansas

The gaming department of Arkansas has set conditions for the gaming industry. According to this, all electronic games must offer at least 83 percent as payouts. Therefore, it is highly likely that you will win 92 percent on average.

3. Delaware

According to the gaming regulations of Delaware, they are bound to return 87 to 95 percent amount. Therefore, if you are into gaming, you will definitely earn more than 95 percent.

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4. Florida

The gaming regulations of Florida requires the casinos to offer at least 85 percent return. Therefore, you will also have a good gaming time there. The highest payback is of “Hialeah Park”, which is 93.55 percent. But that’s not all, the slot machines and other gaming sites in the Magic City offer 93.43 percent.

5. Illinois

The gaming board of Illinois offers around 90 percent and more payouts. For example, you will get an average of 89.94 percent in Jumer’s. On the other hand, if you play Casino Queen, you will win a return of 92.05 percent. Similarly, you will get a 91.98 % return in Harrah’s Joliet and 91.02 % in Par-A-Dice.

So it is quite clear that even if a casino states that you will get a 95 % return, it does not necessarily mean that every single game will give this much. This is similar to the sale offers that state up to 50 percent off. There will only be a limited number of shoes at 50 % off, the rest will be at 40 %, 30 % and so on. But when you enter the shop, you are highly likely to buy shoes that are only at 20 percent off.

6. Indiana

According to the Indiana Gaming Commission, the average payout by different games was more than 89 percent in 2019. For example, the highest return rate was of French Lick i.e. 91.55 %. Likewise, the return rate of Blue Chip was 91.40 % and Belterra offered 90.76 percent. On the other hand, the minimum return rate was 89.61 %, which was of Tropicana.

Best payout slot machines

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Similar to the states, certain slot machines offer higher RTP. Therefore, if you want to earn more from slot machines, you have to pay more attention to the regulations. If you do some proper research, you will come across different factors. Like some games have a higher RTP and some regions offer more return.

So when you combine all the information, you will find some casinos that will let you earn more. While looking at the gaming machines, you should choose the one that offers the maximum RTP. Moreover, the best RTP is the one that is more than 90 percent.

Therefore, in addition to the best paying states, we are providing you with the best paying slot machines too. So here is a list of best-paying slot machines.

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1. Gladiator

Gladiator offers a 91.50 % RTP. Thus, the minimum jackpot value that you will earn will be $2,000,000. Therefore, gladiator is at the top of the list.

2. Cleopatra

Cleopatra also offers a higher RTP of 95.02 percent. Furthermore, the minimum jackpot money that you can earn from this game is $2,000,000.

3. Gold Fish

Gold fish offers a 96 % RTP with a jackpot value of $1,050,000.

4. Lucky Leprechuan

Although the RP of Lucky Leprechuan is highest among different games i.e. 96.83 percent but its jackpot value is low. You will win a $500,000 jackpot amount.

5. Carnival Cash

The RTP value of Carnival cash is also one of the highest i.e. 95.96 % with a $500,000 jackpot.

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