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Top 10 Charts of the Best Jackpot Slots in 2024

Not every slot machine is made equal. Many online games are counting on their layout, features, and sign-up bonuses to attract new players. However, savvy gamblers are drawn towards the slots with the highest RTP. Let’s take a look at slots with the lowest house edge, highest RTP, and best payout machines.

What is RTP?


RTP or Return-to-player percentage is the average amount that the player stands to win compared to the amount player put in. For example, if you wage $100 with 95%RTP, the slot machine will return, on average, $95 to you. Now, the keyword here is “average”, which means you may or may not win back 95% every time you play, but rather that with every spin you are one step closer to winning that RTP percentage. Now you know why seasoned gamblers choose machines with higher RTPs. Nevertheless, the house always has an advantage over the player, but there is always that factor of luck where some gamblers would hit Jackpot on the first spin and the ones that fall into the losers’ pit. In any case, before playing slots, research the RTP to see your chances.

Where to find RTP percentage?


In online casinos, it’s relatively easy to get information about RTP. It’s usually buried somewhere in the terms and conditions page, while some casinos are more transparent about it letting you know about the payout percentage the moment you sign up. Still, some less-known websites try to hide the information leaving players to google it or to browse different forums and find out from other players. Either way, you’ll eventually have the statistics on every slot machine.

Traditional casinos are foxier when it comes to revealing their RTPs. Slot machine developers rarely reveal the payout percentages, and the casinos are not insisting, naturally. To find out you’ll need to get creative and search through the numerous gambling communities online where players share their experiences with slots in the particular casinos based on where they live. The information is not always completely accurate, but it comes pretty close. From country to country, and in the US from state to state, the casinos are bound by law to have a minimum of around 80% RTPs.

The house edge

When players are talking about the house edge, they are actually referring to the payout percentage. In every game, the house has an edge meaning that there is always the percentage of the bet that’s going into the casino’s pocket. To put it simply, if the RTP is 90%, the house edge is 10%.

Slots with the highest RTP


Most players are not hardcore gamblers playing mostly low-wage slots just for fun. Still, even then it’s good to know the chances of hitting that winning round. To check out more top paying slots click here.

Here are some slot games with the highest payouts:

  1. Mega Joker – With an amazing 99% RTP percentage this is one of the most favorite machines among players. Betting 1 coin will get you around 75%, but wagering 10 coins will get you to that maximum 99%. On average, remember that it doesn’t mean that you’ll get your money’s worth every time.
  2. Jackpot 6000 – A classic game that will up your chances to 98.8% when playing with 10 coins which are also the maximum bet possible. Putting in less than 10 will still get you good chances of up to 80%. There is a Supermeter mode when you land two or more Jokers with the payout of up to 6000 coins, hence the name.
  3. 1429 Uncharted seas – A video slot game with a perfect layout and creative reels. The game pays out 98.6% on average which is one of the highest in online casinos.
  4. Bloodsuckers – One of the games with many features, bonuses, multiple rewards, and free spins. Players love its 98% payout rate, too.
  5. Starmania – Colorful game that it’s fun to play and has a great RTP of 97%. If you win there is an option to double your prize by wagering your entire winning.
  6. Leprechaun riches – Fun and creative game that pays close to 97% of the time on average.
  7. Kings of Chicago – 97.8% RTP puts it on the map for most online casino players.
  8. Jokerizer – Payouts of 98% make this game ultra-popular among players.
  9. Devil’s delight – RTP is 97.6%, but the game also offers a lot of free spins, bonuses, and hefty rewards.
  10. Retro reels – 97.7% RTP steer players towards this game. As the name says, it’s an old-fashioned game with retro reels that give you a feeling of the old Vegas.

Other factors to consider


A constant battle against the machines has the players talk about many factors that should be taken into consideration. Variance is being one of them. Essentially, it’s a payout frequency – how often and how much does one game payout. Therefore, we have low, medium, and high variance slot machines. Low variance machines pay often but small amounts of coins; high variance pays huge Jackpots but rarely. If you’re playing for fun, low paying machines might be your best bet.

Slot machines can be loose and tight. Loose machines pay more frequently, whereas tight ones pay rare and far between. Generally, you can find more loose machines online since they can afford to pay more often and bigger prizes. Their expenses are just a fraction of what the true brick-and-mortar casinos have to pay, from staff, utilities, maintenance, and many more. If you decide to go to a traditional casino look for the slots located near cash out, buffets, on the ends of an aisle, and near the entrance. Managers put loose machines in these strategic places around the floor in hopes to lure more players once they witness large payouts.

Progressive Jackpots became very popular in recent years. They have huge payouts, well into millions of dollars. Progressive Jackpots take a small amount of every bet and put it into the prize pool that grows until someone hits it big. Payouts are not very often but the prizes are well worth the play.

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