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Are All Live Casino Games Streamed in Real-Time – 2024 Review

As online casinos started to grow and expand, players became more demanding. This gave birth to live casino games that very created to ensure players have the maximum of satisfaction while playing.

This move was a success as most gamblers are thrilled with this option. But, you must be wondering one thing most rookies do: Are all live casino games streamed in real-time? We are going to answer this question in this article but first, let’s learn a thing or two about what live casinos are.

What Is a Live Casino?

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Live casinos and their games are designed in a way that players feel as if they were in a land based casino. This is not a comfortable sensation to replicate, but live games give the players playing n the web something closest to the real deal experience. Blackjack, poker, and roulette are the games that most players seek when looking for live games as they’re the ones that give out the most enjoyment when being played live. The odds of winning in this type of play mimic the randomness of a land-based casino. It is all about giving players a sense of reality while playing. But as a computer determines the games in standard online casinos, most players wanted to have more men-to-men duels.

This desire is what gave birth to online live casinos. Just like in a land-based one, you have a chance to interact with live players and live dealers. There’s no difference. It’s just that you’re sitting at your home behind a computer. But, everything else is there. You can talk to other players; you can speak to the dealer; everything is set that way, that it mimics a table at the real deal casino. Playing with players from all over the world is quite appealing to anyone, and the chance to take on someone from the other side of the world made the games even more fun for most gamblers.

Furthermore, you have numerous games to choose from. It’s not only blackjacking, poker and roulette. You can play craps, baccarat, and other similar games. Online casinos such as Mystino took their game to another level. The time is right to try them out and experience a new kind of gambling. This should be a real experience for every player as all games are in real-time. This answers our question from the title. But, now you must be wondering how this is possible. Well, the answer is quite simple, but it needs to be adequately explained. Keep reading and find out what tech lies behind live games at online casinos.

What Technologies Are Used by Online Live Casinos?

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This is where everything becomes fun if you are a fan of the latest technology that makes our lives easier. Online casinos gave their best to provide the players with sitting behind a computer the best gaming experience. Connecting players with human croupiers was the goal intended, and the plan was delivered. The entire venture is based on various streaming technologies. Thanks to real-time streaming, players were able to feel as if they’re playing at a land-based casino. But, it was not as easy as we make it sea. The tech used is sophisticated and complex, which makes everything even more enjoyable.

The primary tech that made everything possible is called the Optical Character Recognition software. It is used to make every move made by the dealer converted to data and delivered to the end-user – the gambler. This system uses a special kind of cameras that follow everything that goes on the table. It focuses on the dealer, his hands, the cards, the symbols on the cards, the colors, and all other movements that can occur at the table. The dice, the ball in roulette, and the cards are all equipped with microchips to ensure the accuracy of every move.

Everything is closely monitored to have nothing to complain about because the game is intended to be fair and precise. Because of this tech, the games interactive, and every move on the table is available to players in real-time, and there’s no chance that they’ll miss anything. The players love the part where they can participate. Without this technology, they would be only watchers on the wall to put it that way. A little game of Thrones reference can never be obsolete.

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We also need to mention that numerous cameras film the entire process. These are often small and located in a studio from where the stream is being emitted. This is essential for the game itself as you want all angles covered so that players are ensured that nothing is going down behind their back. Thanks to this, the game is always accurate; players can follow it with ease, leaving little space for complaints. The next piece of tech is called the Game Control Unit. Each table on an online casino that streams live games has one of these. Its purpose is to encode the video which is being transmitted from the studio to the end-user.

Furthermore, we also have many monitors inside of each studio. While this is standard tech, online casinos need to live games. They help the dealers to do their job the best way possible. After all, they need to keep track of all bets made and the player’s movement. Numerous messages are coming from players, and it is the dealer’s job to communicate with them, give an answer and feedback. For this type of online gambling, communication is essential, and this way, it is ensured that it goes smooth.

In the end, the one piece of tech that is not replaceable is the human body and mind. None of this could be possible without live dealers. They made this type of gambling super popular thanks to the fat players who reacted positively to them. Most gamblers want a live person talking to them. Playing against a computer is good and well, but nothing can replace a flesh and blood croupier.

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