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6 Sneaky Ways People Are Cheating At Slots – 2024 Guide

Gambling has been around for as long as we know. One of the most interesting parts of the whole ocean of ways to win money is the slots. The first slot machine was invented in the late 1800s and now, we have thousands of different games we can play on those machines.

Everyone is always looking for ways to cheat the system and to win more money. In this article, we are going to tell you more about the sneaky ways people are or used to cheat when playing these games. Remember that the risk is bigger than the money you can possibly win, so it is always better to do your research and learn more about the game, than risk getting caught and ending up in jail.

  1. Codes

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We’ve all heard this, that there is a magical way to put in some codes that will “break” the machine and that will give you jackpot every time you click the button. In theory, this should not be possible, but if someone knows the cheat codes of the slot machine, they will be able to cheat and get as much money as you can.

It is said that Ronald Dale Harris and his partner stole more than 100 thousand dollars using the codes while playing in Vegas. This happened a long time ago, and nowadays programmers and game developers are updating the machines and if someone decides to try and cheat, they are going to have a hard time.

  1. Timing

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This is more luck and planning than cheating, but you should try and use the time when you play to your advantage. The statistic shows that you should play in the morning, and the best mornings to do that is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

However, if you are interested in playing at night only, then Thursday should be your best bet. You can also try Friday and Saturday, but that all depends on the casino you choose and how many people there are.

The reason why you might want to try mornings is that everyone plays till the late-night hours, and not every machine is closed after a big win. So, in the morning it is said that the machine is more likely to give payouts and you have a bigger chance of winning the big jackpot.

  1. Learn what to avoid

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The smartest people out there know that it is better to use logic than to try and use codes that may get you in trouble.

The first thing you want to do is to learn everything you can about the game you are interested in playing. Slots-O-Rama suggests that there are games that have more than a 97% return rate, which means they are more likely to let the player win. Some machines are easier to understand and some offer larger jackpots.

So, sit down and do as much research as you can. Find out how much money you can get depending on your bet, and try to look for statistics on how often people win the big jackpots. Learn the instructions, and see if getting bonuses and free spins are going to help you.

  1. Magnet

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This is another sneaky way that people used in the past to get more money from the machines. You should be aware of one thing before you get excited – this is not possible with the machines the casinos have nowadays.

In the past, when technology wasn’t advanced, and when the security was not as good, there were ways that players were able to cheat and to steal from the casinos. Because of those creative people, casinos now know what to pay attention to and how to avoid those situations.

The way this was done in the past, is people put magnets next to the machines while they were spinning. Then they used the same magnet to move the reels and to get the line they want to get. It was definitely not something that was hard to be noticed, but apparently, it worked for many players.

  1. Counterfeit currencies

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The fake coins were used, and are still used in different places. As the name suggests, people use different ways to make coins from other materials and metals, so that they can be the exact copy of the real ones.

The issue with this is that sometimes manufacturing these things is going to cost you more than using the real currency. And those who get caught are going to be charged and if found guilty, they risk spending about a decade in prison.

  1. Strings

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This is something that is easy and definitely creative. People used to put strings on the coins and once the coin fell down in the machine, they were able to pull it back up.

The yo-yo method was able to achieve with the old machines, and nowadays there are so many sensors and different technology that makes this impossible. Once again, it appears that things were a lot easier for gamblers in the old days.

These are some of the most popular ways that people used to use for cheating the slots games. They also used different tools to break or get the machine stuck, so they can take out coins. Players used piano strings to jam the wheel and they used light to blind the sensors into giving them the jackpot.

Nowadays, it is not possible to use any of these things to cheat the slots and to win money. If you try doing them, chances are, you are going to get caught and the best thing that can happen is you get banned from that place.

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The best way to earn more money is to be careful where you play and the game you choose. If you play in online casinos, then learn the rules, respect them, and always double-check the security of the website. Some of the safest online casinos with fully regulated licenses and the highest security systems, players can find at CasinoBlacks guide. If you are playing in land-based casinos, be respectful, never try to cheat, and make sure you know what you’re allowed to do.

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