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3 Interesting Stories about Roulette in 2024

The roulette wheel has captured our hearts and our attention throughout the years. If you ask many diehard roulette players about their favorite game, many would say that this is the one that gets their adrenaline flowing the most. There are many interesting roulette stories to be told and here are 3 of the most famous.

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Mr. Richard Marcus – The Notorious Roulette Cheater

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There are a lot of movies that feature casino heists such as Oceans 11 and there are quite a few cheaters that have become well-known in the world of roulette. A man by the name of Richard Marcus is just one of them. For approximately 2 decades he would act drunk and crazy in order to distract roulette wheel croupiers. While he was acting like this he would remove his chips from any bets he was losing. This worked because casinos don’t scrutinize the bets that were losing like they did winning bets so he didn’t get caught.

Mr. Marcus nicknamed this cheating method as the “Savannah”. Throughout all the years he played he was never caught and made a lot of money by using this method. In fact, he made so much money that he was able to retire and then wrote a book about it. He is now working as a casino consultant to help casinos catch cheaters. It’s an amazing world we live in where one of the top roulette cheaters now works for casinos!

Pedro Bartelle – It’s All or Nothing!

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Here’s an interesting story about a Brazilian businessman by the name of Pedro Bartelle. He was visiting the Punta del Este Casino in Paraguay back in 2017 with some friends. This casino is located in a coastal resort area. Mr. Bartelle was playing roulette with his friends and decided to place a $100,000 bet on number 32. He was convinced he would win if he did this and amazingly enough the ball did end up falling on 32!

There were a lot of loud cheers from his friends and Mr. Bartelle left the casino with $3.5 million. The payout on the single number was 35 to 1 and somehow it happened. This, however, is not a rags to riches story. His family had money since his uncle invented the famous flip-flop brand by the name of Havaianas, which made him the richest man in Brazil. It is a story of hope though and just goes to show that anything can happen at a roulette wheel!

Charles De Ville Wells – Breaking the Bank at Monte Carlo

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This is a story of another cheater at the roulette wheel that ended up breaking the bank in 1891 at Monte Carlo. When you say that somebody has “broke the bank” it doesn’t mean that the casino has gone bankrupt or lost all of its money. This term refers to winning all of the chips on the table, which is astonishing in itself.

Mr. Wells asked for investors to give him £400 as an investment to invent a jump rope that was musical. Mr. Wells instead took the money and headed to Monte Carlo in the French Riviera to gamble at the roulette wheel. He participated in a gambling marathon that lasted 11 hours and ended up collecting more than 1 million francs.

As a result of his exploits, Mr. Wells became famous. He was known as the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo and there was even a song by this name released by Charles Coborn. Later on, Mr. Wells ended up losing all of his winnings at the Casino de-Monte Carlo. He was also arrested and ended up serving 8 years in jail for fraud. In 1992 he died penniless but he certainly did have an exciting story to share!

Interesting Facts about Roulette

Along with the stories, there are many interesting facts about roulette!

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The Devils Game

The roulette wheel is commonly known as the game of the devil and this name has no connection to any sin. The reason why it received this name is if you add up all the numbers on the wheel used by either the European or the American version of the game, the sum total is 666. This is supposed to be the devil’s number. There are people that refuse to play the game because they are superstitious and feel that playing roulette would give them bad luck.

French and European Roulette Provide the Best Odds of Winning

You have better odds of winning at French and European roulette than you would have at American roulette. French and European roulette gives you the best odds in terms of winning and it’s easy to see why. When you look at the wheels on French and European machines they have 37 pockets running from 0 to 36. The American wheel, on the other hand, has 38 pockets running from 0 to 36 but there is also a 00 pocket. For this reason, it’s always wise to find out what types of roulette games are available whether you are at a land-based casino or visiting an online casino.

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Timing the Ball

Some gamers attempt to cheat the system by timing how long the roulette ball takes to drop on a specific number. They will actually take out a stopwatch and time the ball and this is commonly known as wheel clocking. This could work to your advantage if you can do it but it’s risky to try. If you get caught you may be asked to leave the roulette table and there is always the possibility that you could get completely banned from the casino. This depends on the house rules, which vary from one casino to the next.

There are different opinions as to the workability of this system but some diehard roulette players swear by the system. Some people just start timing the ball in their minds to figure out where the ball will land. This is a much safer way to do it but not as predictable.

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