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5 Tips For Staying Safe When Playing Online Casino Games in 2024

It goes without saying that safety and security are your number one priorities when playing online casino games. The reason for it is that you never know who is out there after your hard-earned money while you’re trying to relax and have some fun on the Internet.

Staying safe is of the utmost importance when browsing the internet, and especially when gambling online. With all that said, there are ways to protect yourself while playing online casino games. This is very important as this service is directly related to your finances.

So, how would you do it? Well, we have an article just for you so don’t go anywhere as we will cover everything from tips to best practices.

Staying Safe When Playing Online Casino Games

1. Find a Licensed Establishment

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The easiest way to get scammed is if you play with a shady service. These exist in abundance, and they’re mostly run by the very people that are after your money.

However, there is a very good chance that this will be the least of your problems, as uncovering these is very easy.

Namely, every online casino needs to be verified with the proper bodies in their own country that are responsible for their legitimacy. These verifications come in the form of licenses, and there are a few ways you can find these.

First off, every single one of these establishments must provide the user with a set of rules and standards. These are very important as no online casino can maintain operations without them.

They will mostly be displayed once you create an account, and there will mostly be a separate page on the website where you can visit to see these rules and standards.

Secondly, always, and we mean always, look for a license. There is no certain way of proving its legitimacy without it. The license will also have a separate page that you can view and put doubts to bed, but it will also be displayed in the footer area of the website.

While this isn’t common with every online casino, the best ones do have the license displayed in the footer so you don’t have to look for it.

This first step is considered the best way to protect yourself before making an account with a specific online casino.


2. Find an Establishment That Has Encrypted Logins

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Since these establishments are dealing with money, encryption must be their number one priority if they wish to maintain operations.

The most obvious way a hacker can obtain your login information is by attacking the database where they’re stored.

We won’t get into much detail as to how a user’s username and password are sent to the database, but we’ll only mention that they must be properly secured with encryption.

Encryption basically means that your login information will be converted into random numbers and characters so the hackers will have a super, and we mean super, hard time decrypting even if they manage to obtain them.

This is the best way for online casinos to protect not only their services but their users on the platform.

There are tons of articles online as to which online casinos are safe or not, and we recommend this guide from LionCasinos that will lead you on the best establishments to use if you wish to play Megaways.


3. Find an Establishment that Protects Your Personal Information

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Much like your username and password, it’s of utmost importance for your personal information to be safe when playing online casino games.

If you create an account with the wrong online casino, then chances are your personal information might be freely available to the right people that know how to obtain it.

When you make an account with one of these establishments, you’re going to have to add a little bit more of your personal information such as a street address, credit or debit card, your phone number, email address, etc.

Every single one of these, including your email address, is your personal property that must not get in the hands of malicious people. If they do manage to obtain your personal information, do know that they’re compromised and the hacker can do whatever they like with them.

Never, and we mean never, tell your password to anyone from the website. The website where you play online casino games doesn’t need your password as they can easily access your profile without it. This means that they would never ask for your password, and those that do are scammers going after your money and personal information.


4. Use the Right Payment Methods

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The best online casinos offer the user the chance to add a payment method from a variety of options.

The more popular ones include MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, and countless others. These are also some of the safest payment methods that very rarely get exposed. You have to very incompetent for someone to obtain your credit card information, PayPal login, etc.

When adding a payment method with an online casino, make sure it has one of these. If they don’t and offer the option of adding different lesser-known ones, then that’s an instant red flag to avoid.


5. You’re Going to Have to Identify Yourself

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While this might put you off as all you want to do is play some slots, but this is quite possibly the best way to stay safe when online gambling.

Personal information is very red-hot with the law and any misuse of it will get you into a lot of trouble and even prison time. It’s because of this that scammers and hackers that have their very own phishing sites are put off from implementing such a feature.

While they might be going after your hard-earned money, they are very hesitant to get involved with such practices that attract the eyes of the law.

The safest and best online casinos offer this as a safety precaution. They will require you to prove your identity through multiple means. This could be a simple photo verification that requires you to send them a copy of your ID card, passport, or driver’s license.

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