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3 Pros and Cons of Playing Poker On Your Mobile in 2024

With advanced smartphone devices that we all are using today, having the ability to gamble online became a common thing. With improved digital services and better interfaces, online casinos became very popular for a short time, and today they represent the most common method of gambling.

One of the most popular games in poker, especially Texas Hold’Em, and we can find various apps where you can play this game for fun. On the other side, there are platforms where you can play for real money as well, like WSOP, Poker Stars, and many others that you can find at The ability to gamble over a phone brought huge popularity to these games, and we can notice that there are many women interested in betting as well.

The popularity especially grew during this year, when many people had to stay home because of the coronavirus pandemic. On the other side, many professionals are not so interested in playing this game on various devices, because, according to them, nothing can provide you with the same experience as playing at a live table.

Nevertheless, the increase in people interested in online poker is proving different, and we expect that the popularity will continue to grow. Also, the experience is different while playing poker on PC and mobile device. We are going to introduce you to the main advantages and downsides of playing Texas Hold’Em on your smartphone.


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1. Fidelity

The developers who are working in the casino industry made the first online poker games long before the introduction of the first smartphones. Even though some older mobile phones could enter websites, like Nokia with its Symbian operating system, the main issue was that these apps were not compatible with mobile gaming.

On the other hand, modern platforms and devices are compact, and in terms of speed, interface, and graphics, there is no difference between mobile gambling, and playing poker on PC.

2. Convenience

The main reason why online gambling became so popular in the first place is the simplicity and the ability to play games whenever you want, and wherever you are. That is especially beneficial for people in countries where gambling and land casinos are banned or limited. For example, if you live in the United States, you will have to plan a whole trip and spend a lot of time visiting Atlantic City or Las Vegas, which are the biggest gambling spots in this country.

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Therefore, many people find it much easier to simply download an app or visit a website and try out their luck that way. The experience may not be the same as when you are sitting at the table, but technology is advancing fast, and the most recent innovations like virtual reality and AI technology might improve the experience of online gambling even more.

3. Bigger Chance for a Win

The main difference between playing on a PC and phone is that you can carry your phone everywhere with you, which means that you can play poker for much longer. For example, while you are driving in a train or on a lunch break at your work. Either way, playing time on the PC is much more limited except when you are free and without any duties.

Every poker player with enough experience will tell that staying for a longer time in the game can only increase your chances to win some good hands. Therefore, mobile apps are the best solution. On the other hand, pay attention to always be responsible and avoid spending more that you can afford.


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1. Potential Issues with Connection

In case that you are playing poker while traveling, and you are using mobile data, there is a chance that the connection might get interrupted or disconnected. Even though in most cases those disconnections are only short-termed, that might affect your concentration and efficiency during the game.

Also, if issues with the signal last for too long, the server will remove you from the table, which means that you will lose your progression, or the entrance fee if you were playing a tournament. The main issue is that a game might lag so much that you can’t follow every hand properly, which is quite frustrating, especially if you were winning. In that matter, we suggest you always check the quality of the signal in the area before you start playing.

2. Multi Tabling

The excellent feature about playing poker on PC is that you can enter on several tables, and even play on different websites at the same moment, while that would be much more complicated on the phone. There are many benefits of playing at multiple tables.

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However, that can be very complicated over a smartphone since the screen is too small, and the split-screen function won’t be of any help as well. Therefore, the best option is to avoid playing on more than one table when you are playing poker on your smartphone, and wait to get home if you prefer that method.

3. Compulsive Play

Another issue linked to smartphones is that many people are less concentrated even if they are not noticing it, which leads to thoughtless moves, raising bets too much, calling with bad cards, not following good hands, and more.

On the other hand, you can sit in a chair, prepare a coffee, and enjoy in comfort while gambling over a PC. Also, you will stay more concentrated, which improves your chances to win the game.

The Bottom Line

There are many benefits of gambling over a smartphone. However, with bigger screens and more options available, PC remains the better solution when it comes to Texas Hold’Em, especially if you want to play on multiple tables at once.

Aside from that, smartphones are the most convenient in terms of simplicity and the ability to play poker more often. In that matter, even if there are some downsides when we compare mobile gaming to PC, gambling over a mobile device is the best solution.

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