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The Round Up – The Best Casino and Gambling Sites in 2024

In many ways, 2024 has been a strange and unsettling year, due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Many people who enjoy gambling and placing a wager here and there have found themselves unable to get out to the entertainment venues at which their hobby takes place. Depending on the jurisdiction, everything from casinos to sports grounds has been modified, restricted or closed at some point this year, forcing many gamblers to adapt.

But the good news is that the pandemic has hit right in what might be described as online gambling’s golden age. The wide range of casino websites and online sports betting options means that gamblers don’t even need to leave the safety and comfort of their homes in order to indulge their passions and place a bet or two. While land-based casinos will definitely still have their place post-pandemic, beginners starting at online providers can avoid learning all the tact and rules associated with in-person play, and focus on their strategies. Unsurprisingly, providers that were best prepared to deal with the changes gamblers faced are the ones that top the online casino list – you can find them on and discover others right here in this blog post.


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Part of the distinctive appeal of FOX Bet is its cross-channel nature. Much of the platform is themed around the presenters and pundits, who are well known on the FOX Sports channel, so sports lovers can both get their fix of their favorite presenters and place their bets. But when it comes to signing up to betting sites, the theme and the content can only take you so far – and there’s an important financial element to consider. FOX Bet has that covered, thanks to its generous bonus policy that allows up to $1,000 US dollars in credit – although, as ever, terms and conditions are likely to apply.


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While Bovada is not a widely recognized name on the sports betting scene, it has a number of distinctive advantages that could appeal to particular groups of traders. The first is that it accepts Bitcoin as a deposit method – something that is not necessarily a given in the world of sports betting, even despite the fact that blockchain-based payments methods are increasingly surging in popularity. Those who don’t usually pay for goods and services with Bitcoin can use traditional deposit methods such as Mastercard or Visa.

Perhaps the main appeal and attraction of Bovada to many gamblers, though, will be the bonus system it offers. Bettors can receive a bonus of 50% up to $250 when they sign up, which – while beaten by some other providers – is definitely on the generous side. And with customer service at Bovada operating around the clock, gamblers can place their wagers safe in the knowledge that they will be able to speak to someone whenever they need to, if there is a problem.


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One of the great things about the increasingly globalized world of sports betting is that gamblers from across the globe can discover innovative new ways to play their favorite games. PointsBet is a prime example of an exciting idea reaching American shores. The provider is Australian, but its main point of difference is that it doesn’t take the fixed odds betting approach that many traditional providers do.

Instead, the eventual outcome of the wager varies as the game in question proceeds. If the gambler has predicted a particular set of outcomes and they all come true, they are rewarded more than they would be if they’d gone for a typical fixed odds option. It’s worth noting, however, that it can also work in reverse – and if a bettor predicts a number of outcomes but gets them wrong, they can also lose an increased amount.


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BetNow is also up there among some of the best sportsbook operators to surge ahead during 2024 and provide an excellent service to customers, despite a challenging economic scene. The firm’s bonus offer, which can go up to 100% of a wager of $1,000 US dollars, is one of the strongest in the whole industry and allows customers to ensure that they get a shot at maximum value for money. Another thing that BetNow regularly gets praised for, meanwhile, is the quality of its graphic design. It has been designed with both desktop and mobile betting in mind, which in turn means that those looking to place wagers can do so on their preferred device without having to compromise on the user experience.


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Finally, the Unibet website is a good choice for anyone who is looking to enjoy a solid user experience while also having a wager. Unibet has made a point of offering a wide variety of payment and deposit methods: represented on its list are big names such as Visa, while e-wallets and online payment methods such as PayPal and Neteller are also present. Less well-known services, such as PayNearMe, can also be used. Thanks to a series of free bet codes, it’s possible to get started on this platform with your wagering power sponsored by the house. With the site designed to make sign-up as simple and easy as possible, you won’t have to waste time going round in circles on a confusing, user-unfriendly interface.

As this post has shown, 2024 has been far from a write-off when it comes to gambling. Despite the fact that entertainment venues have faced unprecedented pressure to change or shut altogether in the face of pandemic lockdown measures, gamblers have not had to sacrifice their passions at all. In fact, the prevalence of top-quality gambling sites such as PointsBet and FOX Bet has meant that those who want to place wagers have been able to continue to do so throughout the pandemic. And, as 2024 and the prospect of further pandemic restrictions loom, it’s likely that gamblers will value these sites even more as time goes on.

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