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10 Best Sports Betting Sites in 2024

Online bookmakers find in sports betting their cornerstone of operation and survival. Sports betting is about any sport or event, being increasingly popular in the current scenario and attracting many players willing to participate in the best sports betting.

In this article, you will discover the best sports bookmakers, as well as some of its defining characteristics that will allow you to choose one or another website to bet on. Do not waste time and continue reading; you can enjoy the victory of your favorite teams while earning some money.


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Bet365 is one of the most popular sports betting websites and recommended by the public in the virtual world. It includes live sports betting, which attracts many visitors and players.

Since its origin in England in 1974, it has not stopped growing and developing, being one of the first to apply for a gaming license in Spain. It is a huge betting house that offers a lot of variety, especially in sports betting.

If you access its page, you can discover more about the modalities of betting, and if you have any questions, contact your customer service, highly valued for the effectiveness and speed of the responses.

William Hill

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William Hill is one of the valued and recognized pages since its birth in 1934. Some rankings place it in first place for its wide range of bets: single, double, triple, total goals, etc.

Also, it is the possibility of watching streaming television that differentiates it from many other sports betting pages. Different mobile applications have also been developed that allow you to access sports betting at any time and from anywhere.


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888Sport is a great betting house known worldwide that is also characterized by its online casino modality. It does not have many years of life; it was founded in 2008.

The sports betting market covers football, basketball, tennis, or golf, among many other varieties. It is characterized by attracting and catching customers with great promotions and bonuses.


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The origins of this sports betting page are in Vienna. Specifically, it has the Gibraltar gaming license. It is made up of thousands and thousands of players from all over the world with the possibility of accessing through its App.

It is mainly seen by being a sponsor of first division teams. Sports bets are of different modalities, and in addition to football, it includes other betting markets such as basketball or car racing.


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It is another of the best sports betting pages, also very popular for its online poker rooms. Its origins date from the year 2000, however, it was not until 2010 when it began trading on the London stock exchange, due to its speed of development during those years.

It offers the possibility of betting in different markets due to its wide variety. The management of your website is a bit complicated first, but its users establish that, although it presents a complex interface, after a brief phase of learning, it is perfectly understood.


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Sportium is the bookmaker resulting from the merger of two others: Cirsa and Ladbrokes. This bookmaker is geared exclusively to sports and, therefore, can be wagered in hundreds of different markets (approximately 60,000 weekly)

They have a beautiful website design and value for simplicity and ease of use for users. Its great advantage is the more than 1,500 real places where you can bet.


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It is a new bookmaker that is gaining more and more adept users. It provides a wide variety of betting markets and different sports.

In addition, it is characterized by broadcasting more than 30,000 live events, which can be followed easily and from anywhere through its mobile application.


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Paf Bet is a betting house originally from Finland, and that is worthy of being in this list of the best sports betting pages for the wide variety of betting markets that it includes, as well as for its efforts to encourage legal online gambling, but without addiction.

It differs fundamentally from the rest in that it allocates a large part of its benefits to social and charitable works. In addition, this bookmaker also sponsors different first division teams.

Brand Bets

Apuesta Brand is, within the Spanish landscape, one of the youngest, but more developed betting houses. Its website is characterized by its functionality, speed, simplicity, and attractiveness, and, also, they include different updates that improve it even more.

You can access this bookmaker from your computer, tablet, or mobile. Your live betting section is the most recognized by users.

Bet Stars

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This is the sports betting platform of Poker Stars, a page well known for its poker platform but also has a casino. The website presents a modern design that allows the user to be dynamic and easy to understand when betting works.

Two Main Types Of Sports Betting

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Bookmakers offer a wide variety of types of bets so that users can choose the type of bet that best suits their needs and preferences. Next, we will explain and define the characteristics of the most common types of bets.

Simple Bets

As the name implies, they are the most common bets with a very simple procedure. The user bets on a specific sporting event and, in particular, places his bet for a specific moment. It is always done individually, regardless of whether the user bet several times in a sporting event. Normally, this type of bet has a minimum limit of fifty cents, and the maximum will depend on the specific bookmaker in which the play is carried out.

Combined Bets

These bets are a set of simple bets. It is one of the most used modalities where users can place at least two bets, and the maximum depends on the determined bookmaker, although it is usually around twelve simple bets.

A wide variety of users opt for this type of bets since the odds will vary depending on the number of bets so that the user can obtain more benefits if the bets are winning.

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