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Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses & How to Use Them

Every online casino provides a few types of bonuses, starting from the first one, once you join, daily bonuses, monthly too, special offers, and many other types of freebies that come as an addition to your daily plans for gambling. Some of them are popular among gamblers, especially those that don’t require huge deposits to claim. No matter which game is your favorite, most of the time the casino itself offers some form of bonus that is appropriate to it. Sometimes it can be free spins, limited VIP membership with all the benefits, free money to play with them before you start spending your own, or various boosters to improve the results.

Online gambling is even more popular right now, and the providers are optimizing their services, offering interesting deals for those who decide to join and become an active part of their community. At the first moment you join the game, you are getting a free welcome bonus, which isn’t much, but it helps you start playing. It has a promotional purpose, to attract the potential players who are ready to bet with their money, and risk to win or lose everything. But, the basic purpose of the bonuses is to boost the bankroll as you get more chances to increase the profits.

So, let’s see what are the most common casino bonuses, and of course, how can you use them when gambling:

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  1. Welcome bonus

As its name says, you are getting a welcome gift from the house once you decide to join them. At the moment you create your account, you will be asked to provide the needed details, so it can be approved. Then, when you deposit the initial amount in the bankroll, the house is sending you this welcome gift.

But, many players are getting confused with it, because they think they can withdraw this money – but that’s not how things work. If every player was able to withdraw them, then the casino will be losing money, instead of making huge profits and increasing the jackpot. This one is also known as “new player bonus” or “sign up bonus” too. Some gamblers say it’s enough to get you hooked on the game, and proceed playing it all the time.

  1. No deposit bonus

This is the players’ most favorite one. According to, it’s completely free, and the gambler is getting it before depositing any dollar to the casino, by verifying the account. It’s smaller than the welcome bonus because that’s how the casinos work. Also, not every online casino supports this type of freebies for the new players. But, newer ones are offering them as a chance for common promotion.

Still, the player isn’t able to withdraw what he/she gets for free, and they have to deposit money, so they can somehow use what they get with this type of bonus. But, you shouldn’t expect miracles to happen, because you know that gambling is a matter of probability and you sometimes need to lose a lot until you are able to win something bigger. Keep your expectations lower, especially when it comes to the things you are getting free from these houses.

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  1. Monthly bonuses

Every month, you can get rewarded for your loyalty, and get something free from the house. That’s something all the casinos are doing to keep the players there. Also, if you were really active before, you are getting more chances to win a bigger bonus next month.

You can also consider this one as a membership bonus, since it comes every month, as a way of the house to say “thank you” for being that loyal to them. You can use them the same way you are using the first ones, but now, they can contribute to the chances to win the big jackpot or some other important prizes in the meantime.

  1. Payment bonuses

The casinos collaborate with different payment and virtual banking systems, e-wallets, direct transactions, or even cryptocurrency payouts. Depending on what you choose, you are getting a chance to win something free, as a result of that collaboration between them.

  1. Recommend to a friend bonus

You can get an offer to claim a special bonus if you recommend the service to a friend. As more friends join, you can get more money to your bankroll, or more spins available for further gambling. Both of the parties have benefits, because you are getting more for every referral, and they are getting more active players at the moment.

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  1. Free spins or free money exclusively

In most cases, the bonuses are a combination of these two goods, but some casinos decide to offer only money or only spins to the customers. That choice may also depend on the game you prefer, because the spins may not be useful in poker or other games that aren’t based on that way of working.

  1. Limited free VIP status

If you are qualified to get a VIP status, depending on your previous activity, the casino can offer a limited trial period. Most people don’t want to spend more money than they have to, and we all know that the VIP membership doesn’t come for free. The difference is that there are many boosters and other freebies available when playing in the VIP mode, and if you like it, you will be more interested to pay for that loyalty program the casino is providing to you.


There are a few types of bonuses that the gambling house can provide to the new or already active players. But, what they have to do? Before you claim anything, you must read the terms and conditions, and also the bonus rules that every house has listed on their website. You have to understand how they are used, and every casino may have different policies when it comes to playing with the bonus. Anyway, now you understand what are they, and how they can help you boost your overall gambling performance without spending too much on it.

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