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Fastest Payment Methods To Use At Canadian Online Casinos in 2024

If you are well familiar with the casino sites and withdrawal process, then you know how many regulations online casinos set on money-related issues. Unfortunately, we are also familiar with their “next business day” and hold-ups. And that is why you are searching for the fastest paying casinos in Canada, which you can find on this website.

However, the speed of withdrawal transactions doesn’t mainly depend on online casinos. Perhaps, only in the part of approving the request and verifying the account. After the request has been sent to the payment service, your money is in the hands of banking managers. That is why it’s essential to choose a payment method right. Below, we discuss the best payment services that feature fast money processing. 

Why All Casino Payments Can’t Be Instant

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As a casino player, you want to make money fast. Waiting a while for your money isn’t of your interest at all. So, why do casinos keep paying you slowly whereas processing a deposit takes only a few seconds? 

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Besides, in the age of technology, everyone knows how much it takes to process a money transaction from one bank account to another. Then, what happens to your money is just a coincidence? Not at all. There is something that most people don’t expect — manpower. 

The payment requests must be approved by someone. It may seem easy to verify a payment transaction and push the button to proceed. However, there are thousands of players eager to grab their money. And this is where the delays begin. 

That’s exactly why VIP players get faster payouts. They have a priority over regular players. So, the staff first approves the VIP accounts’ requests, and only then those of the rest players.

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Okay, it’s clear. But what’s wrong with the payment service? Why one banking option such as an e-wallet can pay you within a day, and the other only within 3 days?

The manpower excuse applies here too, but there is something more to this. When you select a bank transfer or debit/credit card, banking systems have to verify your account, the account of your online casino, make sure it’s a safe place to transfer money from. And then, it’s again the line of requests waiting for approval.

When you request your withdrawal by selecting an e-wallet, the service works much faster. The fact is that the electronic wallet has already verified and approved the online casino as a safe gambling site. Long ago, before the casino official launch, its owner must have cooperated with the payment services. The e-wallet managers ask casinos to provide all the documents including licenses and certificates to verify the casino. 

And when the casino is approved, the e-wallet is added to the payment options on the site. That’s why you don’t need to wait for so long if you select an e-wallet for your withdrawals.

Online Casinos With Visa and MasterCard

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All online casinos that dedicate their service to Canadians have in common one banking option for all times — credit or debit card. The worldwide systems, Visa and MasterCard are the most selected payment options in online casinos. 

It’s worth mentioning that credit cards have been recently banned for use at Canadian online casinos. Probably because many players used the credited funds and never returned them back. So, now Canadians can use only their Visa and MasterCard debit cards to deposit and withdraw. 

Though debit cards are used everywhere, they aren’t the fastest method to withdraw the winnings. It usually takes them from 1 to 3 days to process your transaction. So, the choice is up to you.

Online Casinos With Bank Transfers

Bank Transfers are typically fast methods of payment. But it depends on which bank transfer you select. Thus, for example, Interac pays within 3 banking days. But if you choose iDebit, then your money will appear instantly on your account. 

Some online casinos use general Bank Transfer, and Bank Transfer International. So, they  take from 1 to 5 banking days. Imagine that you only play on Fridays and select Bank Transfer to withdraw your winnings. In the worst case, your money will come only in a week. Are you ready to wait for so long?

Online Casinos With e-Wallets

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We’ve already mentioned once that e-wallets are the fastest services. Consequently, online casinos that use e-wallets are fastest paying. The most popular electronic wallets in Canada are Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, MiFinity, and others. These e-wallets process requests in a few seconds. 

The e-wallets are recommended to those who can’t bear waiting for their money. If you are the one who wants money here and now, use one of the e-wallets suggested on your online casino. Just make sure that it qualifies for withdrawals.

Online Casinos With Cryptocurrency

Crypto casinos are now becoming popular. However, not every player can afford crypto coins. Though if you have bitcoins, you can easily play the bitcoin casino games and use them for depositing and withdrawing the winnings from an online casino. 

The popular crypto payment services in Canadian casinos are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lite Coin, Doge Coin, They all are instant in terms of crediting money. Though it is the least safe place to store your winnings. But if you trust the blockchain service, you can use it for your payments. 

Choose Your Fastest Paying Online Casino

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Some online casinos comprise all of these banking options. Some of them such as debit cards and bank transfers are paying within several days, while the others like e-wallets and bitcoins pay instantly the same day. So, this issue doesn’t really depend on online casinos. You have to make sure you selected the right fastest paying method,

Still, don’t forget to check the other aspects of the casino such as legality and safety. Though if you never care about this but your winnings are processed without problems and excuses, then you already trust this online casino. Keep playing it, select the fast payment option, and enjoy gambling!

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