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4 Differences Between Traditional and Modern Slots Games

Gambling is a long-lasting activity in human society and one that has millions of supporters all over the globe. In the olden days, people used to gamble with what they had usually in games that utilized some type of cards, dice, or both. Thanks to the advancements in technology and the entertainment industry as a whole, we now have some truly amazing and groundbreaking opportunities to play casino games of all kinds.

The most popular ones will always include the classics like poker, blackjack, and roulette, and despite the many modern iterations available to contemporary players, the old formula stays pretty much the same. However, with the slot machines, the gambling game that is played the most due to its simplicity and appeal, there is just so much opportunity and potential to explore. There is a reason why slot machines are the most popular kind of gambling games out there despite having very low return rates.

In this article we aim to discover the differences between the traditional slot games, and the modern ones you know and love. It does not matter if you are an experienced gambler or just a casual player who spins the game every once in a while. Knowing these differences could help you get better and understand the whole world of slots more accurately. To find out more and try some of such games, make sure to visit Platincasino.

Traditional Versus Modern

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So what even are traditional slots and how do modern versions compare to them? Well, in the 21st century where we are surrounded with virtual stuff and high-end video content at every corner, it could be said that traditional slots are all of the physical machines you can encounter at the brick and mortar casino in your city. On the other hand, the modern would be virtual slots on online casinos that you can open in your browser or on your mobile device and play.

The distinction is quite obvious from the very first look at the two types of games especially if you somehow have them side by side. The original machines were based on poker and appeared towards the end of the 19th century. They were simple with minimal details and a low amount of possible combinations of cards and symbols. One century later and there were thousands of flashy, loud, spinning machines that worked by simply pulling a lever and waiting for the coins to start flooding your feet.

With the wider spread and adoption of the internet, starting when the new millennium rolled in, online casinos slowly yet steadily started taking over the game and soon they became so dominant that fewer people went to real casinos. Thanks to the algorithms, appealing graphics, and interesting gameplay mechanics and gimmicks, modern online slots were more like video games than gambling machines. This glued people to the screens so even the regular slots adopted the newly developed elements, mainly the design of digital elements.

In any case, the 2010s were dominated by online slots and the trend will continue during the 2024s. But what makes them so different and are there any major differences at all? Well, there are, and it could be argued that they are quite big and often game-changing.

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  1. The Software

The main difference that came with the wider adoption of modern electronics, visuals, and the virtual side is due to the software side of things. Old machines did not have any kind of software, naturally. They were real machines with many moving parts working together to award you the money through a series of reels. There was a computer chip and a processor in charge of the operations. In new machines, the central programming is done thanks to the software, the operating system if you will. This is the biggest change and therefore the biggest shift in the whole industry. Once the software was introduced all new machines had them, both the online varieties and the physical machines in casinos that resemble the original models.

  1. The RNG

The random number generator is the basis (and the bane) of all gambling. There are no reels in the modern models while the total number of possible combinations of symbols, numbers and letters is increased dramatically. This gives the players much less chance to win, so it can be said that it is much harder to win on new machines than the old ones. The RNG is the engine of the modern online slot machine as it decides, randomly, what combination it will display for you. Much more advanced that the mechanized and electric slots, it has a wider pool of combinations to choose from and it takes every chance it gets not to award the players. This has made the new slots infamous because there is a lot of luck and randomness involved. Winning comes very rarely in slots, which is why the jackpots are so large. The new trend of low chances for the big prize introduced smaller prizes that can cover your losses or award you just enough to make you feel good.

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  1. The Varieties

Again, thanks to modern technologies and software, it is easier and faster to make different kinds of slot games. There are now slots with all sorts of themes, from historical and sci-fi to those dealing with sports and animals. Perhaps the most popular among the players are licensed varieties that use the characters and stories from famous movies, video games, and TV shows. Even big name consumer brands have their own slots which use the same formula of combining symbols, but the symbols have something to do with their products and services. It has all become much bigger and more commercial in the new age of slot machines.

  1. Other Differences

Some of the other differences include the number of people who are able to play at any given time. Before, there was a limited amount of slots in any town or city, while now you can play whatever you want, for however long you want, no matter where you are. Cheating is also impossible due to the algorithms and the RNG. They are also much more simple and user-friendly. It can be argued that traditional, classic things are good and that they should be cherished, but technology gave us too many things and made our lives easier, so why not use newer and better? Modern variations share enough with their old cousins, enough to put them in the same category, and that is what matters.

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