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The Best 5 Poker Tables for 2022 – Reviews, Pros and Cons

Combining with different skills, gambling, and strategy, poker is nothing but a card game for the entire family. It allows your family members and friends to get together for a fun and beautiful moment. You might have seen it in casinos or clubs, but you can use it in your …

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Top 6 Texas Hold’Em Poker Strategies For Beginners In 2022

Nowadays, playing online casino games is everyone’s favorite pastime activity. There are so many engaging games that you can enjoy, and without a doubt, one of the most popular ones is Texas Hold’Em. Millions of people all around the world embark on the journey of taking part in online poker, …

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Coren Mitchell – A Poker Legend

Victoria Coren Mitchell is a well-known presenter, writer, pundit, and the host of various TV shows. Also, the most interesting about her is the successful career as a professional poker player. It is not a surprise to see many celebrities playing in big tournaments, and the famous British TV host …

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