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How Do You Spot A Fake Online Casino Site?

So many casino sites out there are busy competing not just to get your attention, but to ensure your subsequent engagement with them while overwhelming you with some incredible bonus offers. Yet, it is essential for you to be careful and aware of the fact that there are so many fake casino sites out there, and to shield yourself from falling into the wrong hands, you must be able to spot them. Now, how can you identify the legitimate ones? This article will provide you with important tips and after perusing this article, you will be ready to start equipped with the right information on how to know the right site to register an account for.

What are the things to look out for a while trying to identify a fake online casino?

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To prevent yourself from falling victim to illicit activities, you must be informed and cautious. Gambling at the right casino site ensures not only the security of your personal information but also of your winnings. For instance, when you play poker at sites like BonusCodePoker, your interests are considered and your chances of winning are not tampered with. Some of the things to be aware of are discussed below:

Ensure that the website is properly licensed

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A license for casino sites can only be obtained after they have been approved by the appropriate organization, including UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and lots more. Then, the next question you must ask yourself is, “how do I know if the site is licensed?” This is quite easy. All licensed gambling sites are obligated to display the license seal prominently on their site. All you do is scroll down to the footer of the home page.

Visit the “About Us” page

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Whenever you are on a casino site, it is necessary for you to visit their “about us” page. Once such a page is missing, that is a strong indicator that the site is unsafe for you to engage. At that point, you should trust your gut. A legitimate website will have such a page. This page will not only tell you about their history, but it will also inform you about their values, their mission, and ensure that all the questions you might have about them are answered.

Look at the interface and general layout of the site

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Most of the fake casino websites out there are old and slow, while legitimate ones are up-to-date and fresh. You should find yourself an answer to these questions: How often is the site updated? Do they have a reliable customer care system? Answering these questions will help you determine how legitimate a casino site is. Furthermore, does the site offer bonuses that are too good to be true? Most fake websites will promise offers and bonuses that are just impossible to be met by any company that wishes to make a profit. So, if the first impression a site makes on you is bad, it is best you move to another betting website, luckily, there are many of those that are legitimate and will not ruin the pleasure of online gambling.

Verify the Domain Name

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Most of the fake sites out there make use of a spurious domain name that, in many cases, is similar to that of a legit casino. By changing or adding a number, alphabet, or punctuation mark, a scam website might disguise itself to ensure that both websites – the legitimate and fake – appear the same. As a result, these fraudsters can entice thousands of new players. Additionally, the design of the scammer will be quite similar to the one that is a well known name in the business. But, due to the fact that big players are investing a lot in the design and overall optimization of a website, this will be something that a fake website can hardly offer.

However, this can be prevented. Always ensure that you double-check the domain name of any casino website before you even think of setting up an account, let alone placing a deposit. In recent times, many fake websites can conceal their identity so well that you may not realize that you are already on a fake website unless you check their domain name.

You can also check online reviews

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A review can also act as a very indicator of how legitimate an online casino site is. The review will reflect the experience other users have had with the particular website, and this might act as a guide to help you make the right choice. A casino with an extremely high amount of negative reviews is most likely not safe. It is quite uncommon to find punters lie about their gaming experience when they gamble online. If at least 8 people out of 10 say something negative about the casino, then you should not join the platform. Several reliable websites that can provide honest reviews about online casinos are available out there. Ensure that you go through multiple reviews to understand what people generally think of the website. Those that are in this niche for a long time will definitely have a huge number of positive reviews, but, be aware that those things can also be bought. What you really need to do is to go through those reviews to see who commented. If you notice a huge number of accounts that do not comment on many other pages, that could also be a sign that something fishy is going there and that you need to dig a bit further to see the whole picture.

Bottom Line

Online gambling has grown in influence and popularity over the years especially during the last 20 months when COVID-19 pandemic started and forced us to stay at home a lot more. With this great renown, comes different imposters with bad intentions. Hence, it is important for you to be able to spot fake online casino websites and as mentioned above, these methods are easy and straightforward.

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