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Poker for Absolute Beginners – 2024 Guide

Did you know that around 100 million people in the world play poker? Only 60 million of them are located in the United States. We do not want to say that all these people are professionals. Yet, poker is one of the most popular games for fun.

Well, before everything, we want to introduce you to this game. Beginners need to know that they have two options. The first option is to go to a casino and play this game. However, the more popular way of playing poker today is online on sites, such is recommended at

Well, let’s imagine one thing. We suppose that you decided that you want to play some poker, online or offline. Yet, you know absolutely nothing about the game. Well, don’t fear. Continue reading this article to learn more about the fun game provided by Intertops Poker Bonus.

History of Poker

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These pieces of data might not improve your knowledge about the game itself. Yet, it is important to know the history of this entertaining game for several different reasons. The main reason why we share these pieces of data is that we want you to understand the importance of the game.

So, many historians believe that the history of poker begins 1000 years ago. Since then, it went through several cultures and continents. Still, the versions of history are different. For example, some scientists believe that poker’s origins can be traced to a domino-card. This is a game that was played by a 10th-century emperor from China. The second version that you can hear is that this game card comes from Persia. The name of that game was “As Nas” and people played it in the 16th century. When we talk about the European version of history, everything starts in the 17th century in France. The game “Poque” was some sort of inspiration for the poker that we have today.

Anyway, the number of different stories and legends is huge. We would need to write a book to cover them all. You must understand the meaning of poker. Different cultures and countries are literally fighting for the origins of this game.

Now, let’s start with the more important part – the rules of the game.

Getting Started

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Okay, let’s start from the first moment when you get the cards to play. In almost every case, the poker forces a bet. For instance, Small Bling and Big Bling are two typical bets in Omaha and Hold’em. The forced bet actually comprises the starting pot in any given hand of poker. Logically, the bet starts to grow in the meantime. When the players get new cards, they need to raise the bets they already invested.

Betting Rounds and Dealing Cards

When the poker players get the initial cards, the more engaging part comes. Each player needs to do “something”. They are usually called up to act in turn, moving clockwise around the table.

So, let’s now explain “something”. Each player needs to take some of the following actions. More precisely, there are 5 of them that we want to explain.


Well, the word itself explains a lot. This action actually declines the opportunity to open the betting. Let’s say that your cards are not good enough. Still, it seems to you that you have a chance to win the rewards. So, you don’t want to quit, but you are not ready to risk. Well, then the “check” option is the best one you have. Believe it or not, all the players can do that in 1 round. There may be no additional bets during the entire round.


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Well, let’s say that three players before you picked the “check” action. As we said, you can do the same. Still, you can also place a bet. How much you will bet depends on the rules of the game. However, each table or tournament has some limits. For instance, you can’t place a bet that is under $15. Still, carefully do that. Let’s say that you are sure that you will win. Still, if your bet is huge, the other players can quit. Actually, each player has three different options.


Let’s imagine that one of the players made a huge bet. If you are not ready to follow the bet, then you can quit. That’s exactly what the “fold” option is.


We will use the same example. The player before you made a bet, but you do not want to quit. You are willing to take a risk and that’s the moment when you call/follow the bet.


Finally, we come to the part that most of the people carefully pick. You can raise the amount of money that someone before you has “invested”. We suggest you do that only when you are sure that you can win a reward. Many people do that even when they do not have good cards. They try to bluff. Still, you are not experienced enough to do that in the beginning. That’s why it would be better to avoid doing this until you get enough experience to know when someone else is bluffing.

Betting Limits

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We will get back to the betting limits for a second. As we said, different types of poker have different betting limits. More precisely, there are three different types of most common limits

Fixed limits are those where poker players can bet, call, or raise the bet for a limited amount. This limit is set in advance and each player needs to know it before the start.
Pot Limit is a bit different. Each player on the table can raise or bet any amount of money. Still, the amount needs to include the size of the total pot at that moment plus additional money, in case you want to raise.

Anyway, the last limit is probably more than clear. There are no limits and each player can raise or bet any amount. Of course, there is one limit. This depends on the total number of chips they possess at any time.

So, what do you think? Does everything now seem less complex?

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