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Is Gambling Legal In Indonesia – 2024 Review

Gambling is a phenomenon that differs in its forms but also in how certain cultures, religions, and laws treat it. It is therefore not surprising that in some countries, where the laws are very strict – we still have a prohibition on this type of entertainment, which many consider a great vice. Indonesia is a country where the majority of people (almost four-fifths) are Muslims. Islam is deeply rooted here, and they respect the rules of the Qur’an which do not look at gambling very favorably. Still, the non-Muslim population can enjoy the fun, and online game options are also very prevalent.

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Gambling Is As Old As A Human Civilization Itself

Gambling is the activity that has been present in most cultures throughout human history. Some research indicates that even the oldest caveman was a gambler. Although many religions and laws today do not look at gambling favorably – it is interesting that gambling in prehistoric times was tied precisely to magical or religious rites. These rituals had the purpose of foretelling destiny – or explaining what was inexplicable to people. Many ancient peoples believed that the gods invented games of chance – and they gambled with stones that were painted white or black. Besides betting on their property – they often bet on whether some seriously ill members of the tribe would survive, etc.

Views On The Entertainment Industry In Indonesia

Historically, from the earliest period of civilization to modern times, the social attitude towards gambling has changed. Initially, gambling was perceived as the free harmless entertainment of individuals. Then follows a period in which the social reaction successively changed from an occasional ban to a total condemnation of gambling activities. Although gambling is legal in most countries today – there are still countries that strictly prohibit this activity due to strict laws or religion. One of the most attractive tourist destinations, Indonesia, which is visited by tens of millions of tourists a year – is the largest Islamic country in the world. However, every tourist traveling to that country must know that in some parts of the country there is a strict Islamic Sharia law. According to that law, any inappropriate behavior can be fatal. This includes various sanctions – from severe imprisonment to whipping.

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Gambling And Casinos In Indonesia

Although Asia is a continent where gambling is very popular, Indonesia bans this type of entertainment – considering gambling a serious vice. The reason for this lies in the fact that almost four-fifths of the population is Muslim – and Islamic culture has very strict rules when it comes to alcohol and gambling. In the past, state lotteries were very popular in this part of Asia – but they were also banned due to protests by Islamic communities that do not approve of it. However, the locals are still gambling, playing, and betting. Most often on horse races, board games or dominoes – but you should still keep in mind that any option of gambling in this country is against the law.

Sports Betting, Horse And Dog Racing

Although even such things are banned in Indonesia, there is always a solution. Namely, there are a large number of websites that give you the opportunity to bet on horse or dog races. Although the laws are pretty clear when it comes to real bets like those on the racetrack – the law still leaves some room when it comes to online betting, so a large number of passionate online bookmakers are finding their place.

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Gambling And Betting

We must mention certain sites that provide an opportunity for foreign players to place their bets. Websites like qqonline are among those that are considered to be reliable – and provide a very good service to their players. Of course, in addition to games such as Domino, Bandar, or Poker, you can bet on sports. One of the favorites in Indonesia is also badminton – and the Indonesian badminton team is one of the most successful in international competitions. This has made this sport and betting on its results even more popular, especially among the local population.

Online Casinos

Many of the popular online casinos in Indonesia are blocked by the government of this country itself. However, as we have already said – it doesn’t stop the gambling business. What more, due to such an approach – international internet companies that have a legitimate right to engage in such business have flourished. Therefore, it is not surprising that in Indonesia as well as in Bali – the business of online casinos is booming. It should also be noted that if you want to host a “private game”, for example, in your hotel room – you can do it almost without any problems. The hotel staff usually has a high level of understanding and will not disturb you.

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Penalties For Gambling In Indonesia And Bali

This is something you must consider twice and take very seriously – especially if you are a foreign tourist who is not familiar with the law in this country. Namely, ignorance of regulations can cost you dearly. Most laws in Indonesia use the provisions of Islamic Sharia law. Therefore, gambling is not considered a legal form of entertainment. Therefore, you may face a prison sentence, no matter if you are a local or a foreign tourist. Since the authorities take all the precautions in fighting alcohol, drugs, or gambling – you can expect a thorough check when entering this country. This means that your laptop or cell phone will also be inspected during the security check-ups – to see if you are gambling online.

Illegal Gambling

As everywhere in the world, there is a so-called underground in Indonesia, which means that illegal business exists despite strict controls. Despite the rigorous penalties, illegal casinos and bookmakers are developing their business on the other side of the law. However, our recommendation is not to interfere in that business at any cost, because the authorities are ruthless and very rigorous towards such phenomena. Whipping penalties are common in Indonesia for gambling and alcoholism, so you need to keep all this information in mind before you take such a risk.

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