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5 Ways Casinos Know That You Are Counting Cards – 2024 Guide

Card counting by players in casinos around the world is becoming more common. The gambling capital of Las Vegas is the focus of daily attempts by players to outwit the developed casino system. Of course, all this to somehow make more money than they are used to. From the point of view of the average player, something like this may seem impossible. Because who even has such a brain capacity that can remember all the drawn cards? However, there are tricks that can be applied and skills that can be acquired over time and thus enable the player to take the lead at the table. Can you then imagine how much effort it takes casinos to create a strategy that will prevent such skills from being transferred to the blackjack table? More than you can imagine.

There will probably be an eternal struggle over whether counting cards is legal or not. Regardless, keep in mind that you are under the watchful eye of staff and cameras at all times and that you can easily attract attention if you don’t know how to hide your reactions. If you are one of those who are intrigued by this kind of trick and you are interested in how your intentions can be revealed, you are in the right place.

  1. Sudden change in the amount of the stakes

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The easiest way to stumble and leave an impression of yourself as a complete amateur in card counting is to suddenly change your bets. Once you realize that a lot of low cards have passed over the table, it can provoke you to obviously start raising your bet by 5 to 10 times more on those cards that you realize are coming. You know that the chance of seeing two-digit numbers is much higher now, and that understanding can entice you to react immediately. Keep in mind that with these actions you can easily stand out among the players and catch the eye of trained staff whose task is to hunt people like you.

Once you realize that the situation is going in your favor and that you have a chance to take advantage, go slower with big changes in bets. Otherwise, the scanning system will quickly see your deliberate moves. This will further result in staff coming to you who will kindly ask you to leave the building or play some other game whose result doesn’t depend so much on skills as it depends on luck.

  1. Face recognition system

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A program that recognizes faces, as well as gambling chips that we will talk about later, are methods that are intended for those people who already have a compromised reputation when it comes to such tricks. So, your moves may have been noticed before, in some other places, and the information about you was slowly spreading without you even noticing it. You may already have a reputation in the city as a well-known cheater, but you aren’t even aware of it yet. Since you still consider yourself inconspicuous, it’s clear that there is no right recipe for how to prevent discomfort.

Once you enter a casino that already has enough information about you, it will be seen on their face recognition programs. Such programs are connected with surveillance equipment precisely to catch fraudsters. It’s a matter of time before you are found in the database and then asked to leave.

  1. With the help of gambling chips

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As we mentioned earlier, there is another method by which casinos can detect gamblers with a cheating reputation. So, the previous method isn’t the end of technological surprises. In order to reduce the number of counters, a lot of effort is directed towards finding a good technological solution that will be able to detect such movements.

In this case, these are specially designed chips that are programmed to track blackjack bets. Once these chips detect suspicious moves, there will probably be no more free seats for you in that casino.

Once again, this detection system is most often applied to those players whose suspicious actions have been observed in several different places. If you aren’t one of those, you don’t need to worry, but be careful not to get on the list of undesirables thanks to the reactions we talk about below.

  1. Your suspicious behavior

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We know that in situations like this, it’s sometimes hard to stay focused, but you have to keep in mind that it can expose you. Your behavior can be either your best ally or your biggest enemy. So try to keep it under control. Even the best counters ever fail when they forget to use subterfuge.

The skill of counting cards isn’t only reflected in the skill of tracking cards, but also in the ability to camouflage your action so that opponents and staff don’t notice it. Many counters failed this test and that ruined their gambling career.

Although it sounds simple, don’t let that fool you. You need to monitor the situation that is happening around you all the time while trying to implement your strategy. Maybe your opponent will try to establish some communication and try to distract you, and you will have to deal with it most relaxed while focusing on the moment you were waiting for all evening. In order to test you, the staff may then try to tell you something. You can expect this already in the middle part of the shoe. So keep that in mind and don’t let your wrong reactions expose you.

  1. Catching Counting Teams

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There are card counters who believe that they will achieve greater success if they unite. You’ve probably had the opportunity to watch teams like this in movies that show blackjack from this angle. The goal of this strategy is to distract casino employees and an even more efficient way to achieve greater profits.

The team is mostly made up of different profiles of people, some of whom look like they are in a casino for the first time and have no gambling experience, while others look quite the opposite. The point is that each member of the team has a specific task. While some find hot shoes, others follow their signals and enter the game at the best moment.

This kind of teamwork can certainly work for a long time, however, once the staff and cameras notice your eye contact and mute communication with each other the fun stops there. And not only that. In such cases, the same people are constantly in the same place. It is also very easy to notice and then the problems start.

After all, if all of this is too much of a headache for you and after everything you’ve read you give up on becoming a counter, you can always turn to online casinos. You may be interested in welcome bonuses like those on

Whether it pays to be a card counter or not is up to you to decide. Just make sure one of the staff doesn’t put a hand on your shoulder asking you to leave the casino.


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