Top 3 Best Slots of All Time – Our List

The best casino games in terms of popularity are slot games at all online casinos. The TOP 10 best slot games have been put together for this paper without any personal agenda.

The biggest winnings in casino games are found in slots with a progressive jackpot attached. Mega Fortune, Joker Millions and Mega Moolah are such games. These are not the best games, let alone the most popular, but for some people, the million-pot prize alone is enough of a motivator. Even so-called normal slots can often offer a maximum payout worth several years’ salary. So there is no need to wonder about the odds.

A few words about payback percentages are also in order. A significant proportion of the most popular game manufacturers offer each game with varying payback percentages, and online casinos can decide which version they want to offer their customers. A typical example is Play’n Go’s Book of Dead, which is available at an initial 96.21% return rate in very few casinos.

The starting point for understanding the return percentage is that a 2% swing one way or the other is reflected in the game session as a difference of several hundred spins. Of course, the closer you are to a hundred, the better your chances of winning. In terms of pure payback percentage, the best casino games are different from the ones that have made the list in this article after research. See the games with the best payback percentages!

The best casino games are head-to-head with velvety smooth gambling entertainment, at the peak of their popularity and, in terms of gaming volume, the number one casino games on the European market. Check here for market scenery in Finland.

Book of Dead

If you list the best casino games without the Book of Dead, you know you’ll be cursed with a Pharaoh’s curse on your neck. Book of Dead is a classic retro-style slot machine that takes you to the treasures of ancient dictators, with no frills. Intoxicating music and the menacing rattle of the machine are an integral part of the mystical atmosphere of Book of Dead.

In the base game, symbol combinations inspired by Egyptian lore can be doubled using the traditional double-up feature, but the three Books of the Dead in the temple are being hunted. The sparse game can be played payline by payline and with as little as one euro cent. This is bound to boost the popularity of Book of Dead, the massiveness of which is hard to fathom. Everyone knows this game. The vast majority of players also play it, at least occasionally.

When the free spins start, you are awarded one randomly drawn special symbol. This so-called expanding symbol helps to increase the winning potential unconsciously. Entire reels can be blocked when an expanding symbol blows up the paylines. If you manage to fill up the entire slot with the most valuable Rich Wilde hero symbol, you’re on your way to a maximum win. Despite its moderate payout potential, the world’s best casino game Book of Dead works like a magnet.

Immediately engaging, Book of Dead offers the perfect slot experience with simple mechanics and stripped-down features. Classic slots have their place in casinos and are powerful gaming machines. It’s hard to improve on perfection. Book of Dead is rare and immortal in its kind. The messenger of high volatility and uncomplicated gambling entertainment is a true axe to the airs of legend.

Book of Dead is by no means the first so-called Book game. In online casinos, the Egyptian-themed Book games were pioneered much earlier by Novomatic with Book of Ra. However, over the years, Book of Dead has grown to such a status that its popularity has not been shaken by any competitor, let alone modern innovation. Only Legacy of Dead, from the same provider, comes even reasonably close in terms of popularity. It is telling that the two games are mirror images of each other.

Bonanza Megaways


The title of the world’s first Megaways game belongs to Big Time Gaming’s Dragon Born. The trophy for the world’s best Megaways game goes to Bonanza. If you take into account all the slots genres and game mechanics since the first online casinos came on the scene, Bonanza is easily one of the best slot games of all time. There is no better way to describe Bonanza.

For many, it’s an essential classic and a safe choice when you can’t think of anything else to do. For others, it’s a gateway to a wonderfully nostalgic experience. Bonanza has a timeless appeal and every other player seems to like Megaways games anyway. The best and biggest casinos tend to feature Bonanza prominently, and its prevalence on gaming sites is almost on a par with Book of Dead. It’s just that the payout potential is in a whole other league, which has certainly been a factor in its popularity.

Bonanza, which first saw the light of day in 2016, was ahead of its time with a 26 000 times maximum payout chance. Even more blatantly, however, Big Time Gaming shook up gambling by refining its Megaways machine to the point where Megaways games became one of the greatest innovations ever in the world of slots.

Instead of paylines and rows, it’s whether the symbols are visible on adjacent reels at all that counts. Popping off winning combinations and dropping new symbols into the machine is guaranteed Megaways stuff, but Bonanza just did it amazingly well for the first time. Since then, the same trick hasn’t been repeated as immersively as in a couple of silly games, such as Extra Chill from the same developer.

The ever-increasing payout multiplier of free spins makes the hairs stand up on end, as the back of your head throbs with the fact that there is basically no limit to how high the payout multiplier can go. The stripped down features and suitably simplistic but flashy execution make for a pleasant game to play and not a challenge to follow. Many of today’s new Megaways games are clogged with the most amazing game features, making for a confusing gaming experience. The simple Bonanza doesn’t even fall into its own brilliance.

With a combination of wild west and gold-digging, Bonanza has little sensations to offer alongside the banjo music. The heartbeat of the action is palatable, as each spin of the 117,649-payout slot is always unique at its best. As the number of lines varies from spin to spin, the massive banging and rollercoaster atmosphere of the machine makes for the ultimate casino gaming experience. The thrill of the experience keeps you on your toes. This is what makes the best Megaways game so great.

It says a lot that dozens of competing providers have bought a licence from Big Time Gaming over the years to produce Megaways games. Today, there are hundreds of them, and the tap is still open. If you had to pick one of them for a desert island, it would naturally be Bonanza, the megatrend-starter. While 95% of all Megaways games are forgettable copies of each other, Bonanza cannot be beaten.



Reactoonz is one of the most loved casino games today. Above all, it is Play’n Go’s finest innovation throughout history.

Play’n Go has already tried out the ice with Energoonz, which is very similar to Reactoonz. The refinement of the theme and game features paid off, as there are only a few slots that are as popular as this, at least in the tax-free MGA casinos. The stunningly high quality graphics, fun animations and musical aspects suitable for the antics of wacky aliens are all polished to a fine edge in Reactoonz.

In a 7×7 grid slot, a minimum of five adjacent creatures always wins the pot. These guys then pop off and new ones drop into the grid from above. Of course, there can be multiple winning combinations in a single spin, they can be insanely chunky, and the payouts are a big treat due to the Quantum meter filling up. Indeed, a certain number of snapped symbols trigger special features which in turn increase the odds of winning in a truly magnificent way. There are four different types of quantum features, or special hits, which either add wilds, change symbols or remove them.

In 2017, Reactoonz couldn’t really be compared to anything seen before, unless you take into account Play’n Go’s own early tweaks. However, this game was a pioneer in the modern evolution of grid slots, and its brilliance hasn’t dimmed a bit over the years. It is far more popular than Reactoonz 2. The sequel made quite minimal changes to the old, which was particularly noticeable in the payout potential. There is no winner of the original!

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