Milosh Djuka


How to Play Poker With Bitcoins – 2021 Guide

In these modern days, getting some information right away is something we all expect, and we feel it is perfectly normal. The same expectations are also when it comes to anything online, whether that is about a social network, reading news, or browsing the net. As technology advance every day, …

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5 Ways to Play Online Poker With Your Friends in 2021

Playing casino games has become a favorite pastime of people nowadays. People regard it as a norm, and they are much into playing online games that were once played online. Poker is one of them. Are you aware that you can now play poker as well online with your friends? …

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Antanas Guoga (Tony G) – From Poker to Parliament!

There probably aren’t many people who can boast that they have made a career from both politics and poker, however, Antanas Guoga has made a name for himself in both.  Born in Kansas, but then moving to Australia when he was 11, Antanas has certainly had a varied career. From …

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